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My Favorite Workout Undies: SAXX Hyperdrive, Kinetic HD Review

Box Jump Wearing SAXX Hyperdrive Underwear
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SAXX released new Hyperdrive and Kinetic HD performance underwear that can tackle CrossFit workouts, trail runs, and more. After months of testing, they have become my favorite underwear for high-intensity activities.

SAXX is a frontrunner in creating more comfortable performance underwear. In 2006, it created the BallPark Pouch, a set of mesh panels that cradles your “junk.” The fine mesh fabric creates separation that reduces chafing and sticking. And it even keeps the temperature a little cooler down there (for me, a joyous sensation).

Today, the concept is everywhere, with numerous brands innovating their own take on the idea. And overall, SAXX’s pouch design hasn’t changed — until now.

In short: When I put on the Hyperdrive and Kinetic HD underwear, I feel ready to conquer a workout. The Hyperdrive marks SAXX’s most supportive option to date, so it proved great for high-intensity workouts with a lot of dynamic movement.

Its high compression makes it solid for exercise but keeps it out of the daily undies rotation. The updated Kinetic HD, however, has plenty of stretch and all-day comfort.

SAXX Hyperdrive Underwear Review

These premium underwear are made for high-intensity activities involving a lot of movement. Think box jumps, burpees, a trail run, or even bumpy singletrack on a mountain bike. After doing all those activities and more, I can confirm the Hyperdrive underwear keep everything in place. These are the most supportive underwear SAXX makes.

New fit. To add support, SAXX tweaked its secret sauce ever so slightly. The designers placed the mesh panels a little bit closer together in this model. This gives a more snug fit, and I’m a fan.

Comparing the BallPark Pouch in SAXX Kinetic HD and Volt Underwear
Inside-out to see the new BallPark Pouch design: New Kinetic HD left, Volt right

Compression. The Hyperdrive only comes in an 8-inch-long compression fit, which again, I like for intense workouts. It gives my glutes, thighs, and quads enough of a squeeze to keep blood flowing.

I will say that these aren’t my all-day underwear. I only wear them for activity. Opt for the Kinetic HD (info below) if you want less compression. Or, if you don’t want any compression, the Sport Mesh or Volt is your best bet.

Moisture wicking. For workouts, you want something that wicks moisture. No one wants a hot, sweaty jungle down there. While no underwear is perfect, I’ve found that the Hyperdrive does dry out fairly quickly afterward. There are nine nylon-elastane panels strategically placed throughout, like the one straight down the back, that aid in breathability.

Bonus. The Hyperdrive also has a sneaky zipperless stash pocket on the back of the waistband. It’s big enough to hold a few credit cards, a key, and some chapstick if you needed. This will prove handy if a favorite pair of running shorts offers no pockets.

Ready for anything.  This seems odd, but these make me feel strong and prepared to train. It’s a mental thing, to be sure, but it works for me. I have this same connection with other gear in my life — my “fast” running shoes, my “adventure” hat, and my “send” climbing shoes. When I need to get after it, those items are my go-to gear.

Price. You’ll notice I use words like “premium” and “performance” in this review. Quality and comfort come at a price. These retail for $50, which is a lot for underwear. So, is it worth it? Having experienced them firsthand, I would say yes. But I understand that not everyone will get on board at that price.

That said, the big factor in determining whether it’s a good deal is longevity. I’ve tested this SAXX underwear for 5 months and wear each pair at least once a week. So far, they show no signs of breakdown.

I have other pairs of SAXX made of similar, plush material that have lasted 3-plus years with regular use. And I expect these to last as well. So I’d say SAXX underwear fall into the “buy once, cry once” category.

SAXX Kinetic HD Underwear Review

The Kinetic HD got an update from the original Kinetic and is as capable as the Hyperdrive, though there are a few differences.

Compression. The main difference is the amount of compression. SAXX’s Kinetic HD boasts a semi-compression fit. For me, that’s comfy enough to wear all day long. The Hyperdrive, by contrast, is full-on compression, and I only use them for workouts and activity.

Length and color. The Kinetic HD comes in a long 8-inch option and a shorter 5-inch inseam. This line also comprises more color options. And while color doesn’t affect performance in either style, I find a variety of styles can affect how you feel when you put them on. If you like the way you look, it gives you confidence and, perhaps, a mental boost.

SAXX Hyperdrive and Kinetic HD Underwear

Fabric. The blend in the Kinetic HD is a little different than the Hyperdrive. It’s 88% nylon and 12% spandex versus the Hyperdrive’s 80% and 20%, respectively. Both are super stretchy, feel great, and wick moisture. However, unlike the Hyperdrive, the Kinetic HD offers no stash pocket.

Price. The 8-inch version is $40 and the 5-inch version is $38. To me, this is a little more reasonable, especially because I would wear these all day. But it’s still a lot of money to drop on underwear if you haven’t tried them.

New SAXX Underwear: Bottom Line

SAXX Hyperdrive and Kinetic HD Underwear

For workouts and high-intensity days, I reach for the Hyperdrive or Kinetic HD because I like the fit, they dry quickly, and I feel ready to tackle the challenge ahead of me. Even at the high price point, for me, a really good pair of underwear is worth it. If you’re already a SAXX fan or value high-quality apparel, this is some great underwear to add to your drawer.

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