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Fired Up for Father’s Day? Solo Stove Has the Perfect Gift Bundles

The draw of a smokeless fire pit is pretty universal, but we've specialized some bundles to fit your dad's tastes. If he already has a fire pit, why not add to the fun with some of these latest accessories?
Solo Stove x WhistlePig Whiskey CampStock pour(Photo/Solo Stove)
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Solo Stove fire pits are known for their nearly smokeless burn, alleviating the age-old issue of smoke blowing in your eyes.

Coming in several sizes with a stainless steel build that can withstand fires and weather, the brand has become a staple of backyard get-togethers and lively camp spots. Riding its success, Solo Stove recently expanded its offerings by creating cooking and camping accessories that heighten the experience of using a fire pit.

All that said, Father’s Day is right around the corner! If you’re trying to decide on a fire pit or accessory for a dad in your life, check out our Solo Stove gift guide for some great gifts for Papa Bear. And if you really want to stoke the fire, Solo Stove is offering up to 20% off sitewide (!) from June 5 through June 16 to sweeten the deal.

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Solo Stove Fire Pit
(Photo/Solo Stove)

How Solo Stove Fire Pits Work

The magic comes from a secondary burn, which the Solo Stove fire pit achieves through its 360-degree airflow design. Starting a fire inside the stove creates a vacuum that draws in air (oxygen) from the bottom. This air then feeds the fire and draws air between the pit’s double walls.

The air moving between the walls warms up as it rises and reenters the pit through vent holes at the top. This air is preheated and full of oxygen to create a hotter, more even burn at the top to reduce the creation and accumulation of smoke.

For Dads Who Love Whiskey: A Solo Stove x WhistlePig CampStock Collab

Solo Stove x WhistlePig Whiskey CampStock
(Photo/Solo Stove)

Solo Stove collaborated with WhistlePig to create this fireside wheat whiskey.

Each Solo Stove bundle includes a $75 voucher to purchase the limited-edition CampStock Whiskey on WhistlePigWhiskey.com, etched glasses, and flame ice molds. From there, it’s a matter of which size fire pit strikes your fancy.

The $330 Mesa XL bundle (pictured) includes a Mesa XL fire pit, an accessory kit, and mini oak firewood for smoking your whiskey. The Bonfire Whiskey Bundle ($500) combines the Bonfire 2.0 Fire Pit and Bonfire Heat Deflector with the whiskey bundle. Similarly, the Yukon Whiskey Bundle ($850) includes the Yukon Fire Pit and Yukon Surround with the whiskey and glasses.

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For Dads Who Love Pizza: Pi Prime Essential Bundle

Solo Stove Pi Prime
(Photo/Solo Stove)

Cooking a pizza in your backyard is a year-round treat, but is often limited to your backyard. With the portable Pi Prime, you can bring your pizza stove to a friend’s house or with you car camping.

The propane-powered pizza oven combines Solo Stove’s Signature Airflow with its Demi Dome Construction. That design consistently captures and maintains heat for the pizza. The Pi Prime preheats in 15 minutes, and the heat adjusts with the turn of a dial. It heats up to 900 degrees in as little as 15 minutes and can cook a thin-crust pizza in 75 seconds.

This bundle includes the Pi Prime Oven and cover, pizza stone, bamboo peel, rocker pizza blade, turner, and silicone mat.

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For Dads Who Love Fire Pits: Bonfire Backyard Bundle 2.0

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0
(Photo/Solo Stove)

For the dad who has admired fire pits from afar, now’s the time to give him his dream gift! Solo Stove’s bestselling fire pit, the Bonfire 2.0, is big enough for four to five guests. Yet, it’s still portable enough for one person to move in the included carry case.

Deciding on the stove size usually depends on how often it will be moved and how many people will sit around it. In most cases, the Bonfire 2.0 hits the sweet spot.

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For Dads Who Love to Host: Yukon Ultimate Fire Pit Bundle 2.0

Solo Stove Yukon Bundle 2.0
(Photo/Solo Stove)

The Yukon is Solo Stove’s party-sized fire pit, with room for seven or more people to share the fireside experience.

This Yukon Fire Pit 2.0 comes with a removable base plate and ash pan for easy ash disposal. On top of this, the bundle adds a stand, lid, cover, and handle to make it easier to move. Additionally, the bundle includes tongs and a barbed rod for moving firewood around and roasting sticks for cooking food.

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For Dads Who Love Camping: Campfire Gear Kit

Solo Stove Campfire Gear Kit
(Photo/Solo Stove)

The Campfire Gear Kit brings with it the vibe of pioneer camping. The two-pot setup hangs from a sturdy tripod over the protected flame of a portable camp stove.

Sized for a group of four, the Campfire stove weighs just over 2 pounds. It’s the right size to heat the included 3L or 1.5L pots. Setting up the eight-panel windscreen around the Campfire lets you protect its flames from unwanted gusts. Handily, the tripod also lets you adjust how close to the heat you want your food.

Like most camp cook sets, this kit folds down for compact and convenient storage and comes with a carrying case.

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For Dads Who Love Movie Night: Bonfire Movie Night Premier Bundle

Solo Stove Outdoor Theater
(Photo/Solo Stove)

Here’s a bundle for the dad who has a projector — but hasn’t hit his stride on backyard movie night yet. At the center of this bundle is the Bonfire 2.0 fire pit with a lid, stand, and carry case. Next comes movie magic with a lightweight cinema-sized outdoor screen that requires no tools to assemble, two reclining lounge chairs, and a popcorn maker.

Whether for a summer movie or to watch a game, this setup moves the TV den experience outside.

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For Dads Who Love to Grill: Bonfire Cast Iron Grill Top + Hub

Bonfire Cooking-System-Hub
(Photo/Solo Stove)

Top off the experience of owning a Solo Stove by using it as a grill. The Bonfire Hub fits on top of your fire pit to hold the Bonfire Cast Iron Grill Top, creating a great surface for open-fire cooking. The grill has a large grating for heat to sear food above, yet reduce the chances of it slipping through.

Adding the smokeless experience of a Solo Stove to Dad’s grilling is a gift he’ll likely bring up time and time again.

Solo Stove also makes a Griddle Top and Wok Top to fit the Bonfire and other sizes of its fire pits. Note that you’ll need the matching size Hub for those tops, too.

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Solo Stove interior
(Photo/Solo Stove)

This post is sponsored by Solo Stove. Check out its line of fire pits, camp stoves, and other accessories online.

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