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Recall: Diving Regulators Pose ‘Drowning Hazard’

Some Oceanic and Hollis regulators can restrict divers’ airflow at low tank pressure.

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SCUBA divers should immediately stop using Hollis and Oceanic regulators made by Huish Outdoors. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) last week announced a recall of about 4,500 affected regulators sold in the U.S. and about 330 in Canada.

The affected regulators can “restrict airflow” when the tank drops below 500 psi, posing a drowning risk to divers. According to the CPSC, the brand voluntarily conducted the recall, and no one has reported deaths or injuries.

Product Recall: Huish Outdoors SCUBA Regulators

Affected products are those bought or serviced between Oct. 1, 2017, and May 25, 2018. Huish Outdoors sold them as Oceanic and Hollis products — both alone and as part of first- and second-stage regulator packages.

Consumers should check the serial number laser-etched on the first-stage body. Affected numbers are Oceanic CDX, EDX, FDX10, and FDXi regulators as well as Hollis DC7, DC3, DC1, DC2, and DCX regulators.

Anyone who may have been affected by the recall should visit the Oceanic or Hollis recall webpage for full instructions on identifying and repairing defective regulators.

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