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Bear Archery Divergent Compound: 2019’s Big-Performance, Low-Price Bow

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With the new Bear Archery Divergent bow hitting shelves across the country, let’s shoot the shit about what makes this bow stand out from its higher-priced competitors.

Your fall big-game archery season may be drawing to a close. And that means spring turkey season is just around the corner. Considering a new bow for gobblers? This is prime research time to get exactly what you want under your arm on a budget. Let’s dig into what makes the Bear Archery Divergent Compound Bow different.

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A longtime company entrenched in the tradition of bowhunting, Bear Archery continues to look forward, innovate, and find new ways to make archery accessible and affordable. The idea behind the newly released Divergent bow incorporates those three things.

“Basically, in short, we want to put money back in a hunter’s pocket for all the other things he needs to be successful,” said Jack Borcherding, Bear Archery marketing manager.

Who Should Buy It?

The Divergent was designed with the whitetail bowhunter in mind. That means it can deliver big performance even in a short 28-inch axle-to-axle bow. With a compact platform and hybrid cams, the compound bow can hit speeds of 338 feet per second. That’s great shootability for a $700 bow.

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And what’s ideal for targeting whitetails is great for all kinds of game. Turkeys, elk, hogs — they’re all on the menu. The bow’s light weight and 338 fps speed work well for spot-and-stalk hunting in the field. And the hybrid cams allow for a smooth breakover for a split-second shot.

Simple, Solid Build

At 28 inches, the Divergent bow is one of the shorter compounds on the market. It’s available in 45- to 60-pound and 55- to 70-pound options. There are also six different camo styles to choose from depending on your hunting environment or preferences.

The shorter draw length and setup take the latest bow rules from Pope and Young into consideration. And the simple build of the riser cuts a considerable amount of weight, leaving the bow in your hands at just 3.9 pounds.

The adjustable draw length ranges from 25.5 to 30 inches. With a 45-pound weight option combined with the shortest draw length, this is also potentially a solid bow for a young hunter to grow into.

Bear Divergent compound bow

Value Price Point

The simple design of the Divergent leaves room for a significant drop in its price point when compared to similar bows. When designing this bow, Bear Archery’s intention was to develop a lower-priced bow that could compete with those in the higher-priced bracket.

Specifically, the Bear design crew aimed to build a $1,100 bow at a $700 price point. And through a smart combination of materials, construction, and components, the brand achieved that goal. The Divergent sits at the value point where accessibility meets affordability.

“If you have shot any other bow on the market that is 28 inches ATA, it either cost $300 more or is heavier,” said Borcherding.

New for 2019, the Divergent Compound bow is now widely available online, in chain stores like Cabela’s, and quite possibly your local archery shop.

This article is sponsored by Bear Archery. Learn more about the Divergent here.

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