Benchmade 375-1 Fixed Adamas - featured
(Photo/David Young)

Review: Benchmade’s 375-1 Fixed Adamas Is ‘Virtually Indestructible,’ Lifesaver of a Knife

If you could only have one knife to carry in a survival situation, the Benchmade Fixed Adamas is a hard-to-beat choice.

Tough and light, this beast of a bulletproof blade will be there when you need it, from tactical use to bushcraft. If you throw it in your pack, you won’t know it’s there, but you’ll be glad it is when you need it.

While Oregon-based Benchmade labels the Fixed Adamas a “tactical” knife — and it works great for military use based on its track record of being indestructible — this knife will serve you in virtually any outdoor situation. Benchmade states this knife is designed for hard, immediate use.

When you are hiking through the backcountry, hunting, or just surviving, the last thing you need is a heavy piece of steel weighing you down. The Fixed Adamas clocks in at a mere 5.66 ounces — that’s less weight than a can of beer. With the sheath that comes with it, you’re looking at just 6.77 ounces.

In short: Compared to the new Benchmade Mini Adamas, a great EDC folder, the Fixed Adamas is only 2.17 ounces heavier. And for that extra couple of ounces, you get a tank of a knife. Machined from CPM-CruWear, Benchmade upgraded this classic knife in 2021, making it even better.

Benchmade 375-1 Fixed Adamas Review

Fixed Adamas Specs

  • Blade length: 4.20 in./10.67 cm
  • Blade thickness: 0.170 in./4.318 mm
  • Open: 9.17 inches/23.29 cm
  • Weight: 5.66 ounces/160.46 g
  • Sheath weight: 1.11 ounces/31.47 g

The Adamas Ready for Action

Benchmade 375-1 Fixed Adamas - review
(Photo/David Young)

This is a really good-looking knife. I got the cobalt black version and out of the box, you know this knife means business. The Fixed Adamas is thin, sleek, and very light. It has a skeleton handle but comes with paracord (96 inches!) to wrap it if you like, which I did.

The sheath that the Fixed Adamas comes with fits very tightly to ensure the blade stays put, and it has an elastic button strap to lock the knife in place. You can affix the low-profile sheath to MOLLE webbing or a belt using Malice Clips that are also included.

As Benchmade is known for, the CPM-CruWear (63-65) blade was razor-sharp right out of the box. The Benchmade Fixed Adamas is ready for action as soon as it’s in your hand.

The Benchmade Fixed Adamas in the Field

Benchmade 375-1 Fixed Adamas
(Photo/David Young)

While you may not want to seek out a fight with a bear or bobcat, you stand a better chance with this knife at your side. Let’s just say it’s tough.

I opted for the Benchmade Fixed Adamas for a lightweight bushcraft knife. I can throw it in my pack or affix it to a shoulder strap with the MOLLE-compatible sheath. Carrying it in the field adds seemingly no weight at all, which was my goal with this piece of gear.

A large part of the lightweight knife is the skeleton handle. It comes with four large holes in the flat, thin CPM-CruWear handle. When you wrap the handle with the provided paracord, it provides a little more grip and comfort.

Benchmade reengineered this knife to be even stronger and with the new CPM-CruWear, it has done just that. The Fixed Adamas also went with a drop-point style blade, giving it a sleeker look. It still offers ridges for the thumb and forefinger at the base of the blade to ensure a strong grip.

In the backcountry, this knife will do whatever you need it to do, from chopping wood and feathering sticks to gutting fish and sparking a fire with a farro rod. (We did it all.) Essentially, the blade is designed for long and hard use without the need to sharpen it often.

What It’s Made Of: Cobalt Black CPM-CruWear

Benchmade 375-1 Fixed Adamas - cpm-cruwear - blade
(Photo/David Young)

So, what is the CPM-CruWear exactly? In short, it’s the biggest upgrade to the Fixed Adamas, which makes the knife sharper and stronger.

Digging into the details a bit more, the CPM-CruWear is a newer kind of steel that is more wear-resistant, tougher, and has a higher attainable harness than D2 steel, according to the manufacturer.

Designed specifically to withstand heavy-duty use and wear, the blade will retain an edge in the most brutal of conditions. The side load break strength on the new 375FE-1 is about 15% stronger than the original 375. The size load bend strength of the blade is 1,218 inch-pounds and the tip break strength is 558 inch-pounds, according to Benchmade.

And that’s the reason Benchmade selected the CPM-CruWear, knowing the knife would get heavy use in environments where sharpening tools are unavailable. Users can rest easy knowing it will hold an edge wherever they use it.


The Benchmade 375-1 Fixed Adamas is a great option for any scenario where you need a heavy-duty blade to save the day.

The only drawback would be the MOLLE carry system. While this works great if you have a bag that is MOLLE-compatible, if you don’t have that or just want to carry it on your belt, it is a little cumbersome.

The sheath also locks the knife very tight, which is good but can make it hard to access it in a hurry. Luckily, the sheath’s tension is adjustable if you want to loosen the hold.

Benchmade has improved on what was already a great knife. Ideal for tactical, survival, bushcraft, or simply throw in your bug-out bag, this knife delivers.

The Fixed Adamas sells for $250 and is available in cobalt black or flat earth.

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