sog belt buckle multitool

SOG Belt Buckle Hides Blade, Fold-Open Multitool

SOG’s belt buckle multi-tool hides a litany of components, including a blade, and it cinches a belt tight.

Sog Belt Buckle Multi-Tool

The SOG Sync line includes two belt buckle models that hold your pants up. It can pop open into a legitimate multi-tool in a pinch. The detachable base serves as the buckle, or they can be clipped on a pack strap or boot.

SOG released the line of functional fashion alongside a major expansion of its muti-tool lineup at SHOT Show in Las Vegas this week.

Sog Belt Buckle Multi-Tool
A blade folds out from the multi-tool body, which hides as a belt buckle

The premise behind the Sync was “to change the shape of multi-tools without sacrificing their usefulness,” SOG noted. Intrigued, I wandered over to the SOG booth to check them out on the trade show floor.

The tool seems useful, although less robust than dedicated multi-tools. All the implements inside will work, but they are less burly than those on a normal multi-tool. Ultimately, this tool will get most jobs done and be a handy backup, but certainly won’t be a go-to implement for those who use multi-tools regularly for work or in the field.

Belt Buckle Multi-Tool

The bigger model might be a tad heavy as a buckle for some people. The small one is light and a literal everyday carry that does double duty holding up your pants.

The many forms of the Sync multi-tool
The many forms of the Sync multi-tool

“We say that in order to be a multi-tool it has to be able to cut, grab and twist,” said Chris Cashbaugh, SOG’s Director of Marketing.

“These new offerings certainly do that, they just don’t look or carry like the traditional multi-tool we’ve all grown accustomed to.”

The SOG Sync line has two models, the Sync I ($67) and Sync II ($80). The Sync I is 4.4 inches in length and 4.8 ounces with 10 components. The Sync II is 5.8 inches long, weighs 8.9 ounces, and has 12 components.

Both models fold small for easy transport (or as use as a belt buckle). They open into pliers. They have a knife, screwdriver, file, and more.

SOG Multi-Tools For 2017

Additionally, SOG will launch a few traditional multi-tools — the PowerGrab ($134), the PowerAccess ($67), and the Micro Tool, pictured below.

Keys multi-tool sog

Also a major departure from traditional multi-tool design, the brand announced another line of four multi-tools called, as their shape implies, the Baton. They range from a small everyday-carry model built as a pen to a large tool fit for backwoods use.

SOG Batons

The Baton Series combines functional tools with a slim, unique folded form. Each of the four Batons are cylindrical – not much longer than a standard No. 2 pencil and about as thick as a Magic Marker. Once the break-open action of a Baton is activated, tools are revealed inside.

SOG baton

The smallest of the Baton Series, the Q1, carries everyday essentials: spring-assisted scissors, replaceable pressurized ballpoint pen, bottle opener, and a flathead screwdriver.

With just a little more length and heft than the Q1, the Q2 has a straight-edge blade, an LED flashlight, a bottle opener, and a flathead screwdriver.

Baton Q2 multitool
The Baton Q2

The Baton Q3 has more tools for work afield. Its tools include pliers, a straight blade, Phillips and flathead screwdrivers, and a bottle opener.

The Q4 is a modified and amplified version of the Q3, adding a magnetic ratchet driver for the included 12-piece hex bit kit.

sog baton belt buckle multitool

Pricing on the Batons range from $54 for the Q1 to $120 for the Q4. All four models will be on retailers’ shelves early this year.

The launch is a major expansion for SOG, doubling its line of multi-tools to 16 (from seven last year). We’ve yet to test any in the field, but look forward to trying these unique new takes on the multi-tool.

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