SOG Knife Exchange Program Expanded to Online Readers

Outdoor Retailer (OR), the semi-annual gathering of the outdoors industry in Salt Lake City just got underway this morning, and SOG Knives started things off with a bang.

The brand announced a Pocketknife Exchange Program–offering up SOG Flash II Tanto knives (MSRP $75) to the first 50 OR attendees to trade in an old, beat-up pocket knife.

The Flash II’s are moving fast and the old blades are piling up already

Have an old pocketknife, but you’re not at the OR Show? You’re in luck! SOG has expanded the promo online, offering up to 20 SOG Flash II Tantos to the best photos of beat-up, old pocketknives posted to Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram with a caption containing “@SOG Knives @TheGearJunkie #DayOfTheKnife and #Trade4aSOG.”

The promotion will run through Saturday. Submit as many times as you’d like, and as always, creativity will reign supreme!

Patrick Murphy

Patrick is a writer based in Boston with a penchant for life on two wheels and sleeping outside.