Special Edition Swiss Army ‘Picknicker’: Unfold Damast, Unpack Lunch

The world’s most recognizable knife company releases a new limited-edition multitool to help style up your picnic game.

Clearly, Victorinox likes to make new Swiss army knives almost as much as people like to buy them. The company’s many niches include the nautical-focused Skipper, the classed-up Wine Master — and now the special-edition Damast Picknicker.

Victorinox said the latest multitool comes with “everything you could need for a picnic or meal outdoors.” Presumably, you will need to bring the actual picnic. But the limited-edition tool’s six implements can help handle the rest. And with a new Damasteel blade and cheese knife, you can keep your pinkies out at all times.

picknicker hero
The Baldur pattern of the Damasteel blade; (photo/Victorinox)

Original Picknicker vs. Damast Edition

Swiss Army’s standard Picknicker comes with five tools and 11 functions. The limited-edition variant’s cheese knife focuses on fromage-packed outings, and its patterned blade adds flash. Its “Baldur” pattern takes its name from the Norse god of light and purity. It results from a partnership with Damasteel, a company specializing in Damascus steel etched with unique patterns.

And fear not about accessing your beverages! For Victorinox has included a corkscrew, a can opener, a bottle opener, and a screwdriver on its latest offering. This one comes with a light-brown pearwood handle and an extra-special large blade.

Victorinox will only produce 6,000 of the new multitool, which also includes the year 2022 engraved on the back. The limited-edition Picknicker retails for $375.

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