Slippery and Demonic: Riding ‘Vertical’ Black Diamond Bike Trails

These riders advertise that they are pushing limits on the bike, and after watching this footage, we have to agree.

Slippery rock slabs, tight turns, and narrow, singletrack woodwork are what you get on the Stick Rock Trail at Kicking Horse Mountain in British Columbia. That is if you can stomach riding it.

In this video, the Loam Ranger riders take on two “nasty” trails at Kicking Horse: the double black Stick Rock and black diamond LYM.

“Nice easy landing,” one rider comments as they bank a turn on some narrow woodwork and head toward what looks like a sketchy drop. Then later, we hear, “Oh, this gets pretty vertical.”

Brace yourselves, because this POV footage is not for the faint of heart.

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