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Watch Lexus Engineers Build the 2024 Lexus GX 550 ‘From the Ground Up’

Get a window into the design and production of Lexus's luxurious, off-road-capable, 2024 GX 550. Your guides? The engineers who brought it to life.

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In 2024, Lexus gave the GX 550 its first ground-up redesign in 14 years. And it was a doozy, focused on creating a truly capable off-road machine in addition to preserving the brand’s commitment to luxury and a smooth highway ride.

Now Lexus has dropped a series of videos pulling back the curtain on that process. “From the Ground Up” combines slick footage of the GX 550 doing its mud-splashing, slope-climbing, forest-road navigating thing with enlightening snippets of the engineering crew sharing the victories (and setbacks) they experienced along the way.

The first video in the series (above) is titled “Ethos” and focuses on why Lexus set out to revamp the GX in the first place.

The Look: Lexus GX 550 From the Ground Up

The second video is called “The Look.” It details the process of rediscovering the GX 550’s profile and trim from the first sketch to the final production model.

The Interior: Lexus GX 550 From the Ground Up

The third video takes us inside the GX 550 for a peak at the luxurious details that define the brand.

The Drive: Lexus GX 550 From the Ground Up

And finally, there’s “The Drive,” a short that functions as a showcase for the GX 550’s offroad chops.

Lexus fan or not, it’s always interesting to watch smart designers talk about why they make the choices they make.

Stay up to date on all things 2024 Lexus GX here. Also, stay tuned here for a hands-on review of this machine in early 2024.

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