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Not Just a Concept: The GMC Canyon AT4X Is Coming Next Year

GMC Canyon AT4X teaser image(Photo/GMC)
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GMC teased a rendered image of a partial 2023 Canyon AT4X. Not only does it hint at the penultimate version of the midsize off-road truck in GMC’s line, but also at the next generation of the Canyon model.

The teaser image above doesn’t show a ton. The rendering apparently includes some “available accessories” as well.

GMC says, “The next-generation Canyon AT4X signals the next chapter for GMC’s midsize truck with the teaser previewing the Canyon AT4X’s badging, rocker protectors, and 17-inch beadlock-capable wheels.”

We’ll guess the wheels are the optional equipment, as the rock sliders are likely standard on the AT4X trim. Our best guess is that the truck also offers a 2-inch lift, all-terrain tires (possibly 33s), skid plates, upgraded off-road-tuned shocks, and front and rear selectable lockers.

Although we’re just speculating, we’re pretty confident that’s the package you’ll see on the new AT4X Canyon model.

2023 GMC Canyon AT4X

The 2023 Canyon will be the second GMC vehicle to get an AT4X trim, the first being the 2022 Sierra full-size pickup. The AT4X trim is “GMC’s off-road optimized performance trim that offers serious capability and uncompromising refinements.” It’s an extension of the super-popular AT4 subbrand of GMC vehicles, offering even more off-road capability from the factory.

The concept truck of the Canyon AT4X we’ve seen so far was extremely overland-oriented. It’s loaded with additional equipment and based on the current-generation pickup. It was called the GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept and debuted at Overland Expo Mountain West 2021.

You can check it out below.

GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept
The GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept at Overland Expo Mountain West 2021; (photo/Sean McCoy)

Next-Gen GMC Canyon Pickup

Besides being the serious off-road version of the new Canyon, this teaser image also gives us some hints about the next generation of the truck, debuting as a 2023 model-year vehicle. The current-generation Canyon has stuck around since its debut in 2014, and it’s very much in need of a major refresh to be competitive with the latest Frontier and Ranger. (I’ll add that the Tacoma is also in desperate need of a full refresh.)

Since its 2014 debut, GMC has given us both an AT4 trim of the Canyon as well as an off-road performance package. The off-road package adds a one-inch suspension lift, rock sliders, and skid plates. We can, of course, expect all that and more out of the 2023 GMC Canyon AT4X — and on the next generation of the truck.

More Substance Soon

The full reveal of this new truck will come this summer, with initial availability coming in spring 2023.

What that means is we’re likely to see the entire GMC Canyon line revealed this summer, with some initial versions available late this year and the ultimate off-road AT4X coming after.

GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept
GMC Canyon AT4 OVRLANDX Concept; (photo/GMC)

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