Goodyear Oxygene: A Tire That Cleans Air

Goodyear’s Living Tire of Moss Aims to Clean Air

Goodyear just unveiled the Oxygene tire concept at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The far out, futuristic tire concept dreams up cleaner, safer, and more sustainable urban transportation.

Goodyear Oxygene Tire That Cleans Air

A rolling stone gathers no moss. But what if the rolling tire actually was made of moss? This age-old proverb is coming to life – moss included – in the Oxygene, a concept tire from Goodyear.

The main goal behind the Oxygene is to clean the air as it rolls. The brand claims its integration of natural elements, recycled materials, and emerging technologies has impressive benefits such as nearly puncture-free riding.

Over 80 percent of people who currently live in urban areas breathe air that is below World Health Organization standards. And experts expect about 66 percent of the world’s population to live in urban areas by 2050.

Clearly, air pollution is a problem. The Goodyear Oxygene tire aims to abate the pollution issues urban areas face.

Breathe Easy: Goodyear’s Living Tires

Through a unique tread design, the Oxygene tire would absorb moisture from the road and CO2 from the air. These combine to feed the living moss in the tire’s sidewall.

The moss then releases oxygen back into the air via photosynthesis. These tires live and breathe!

Goodyear Oxygene: A Tire That Cleans Air

Goodyear 3-D prints the tires with a rubber powder derived from recycled tires. They aren’t air-filled like today’s tires, instead relying on a shock-absorbing structure that is long lasting and prevents punctures.

Oxygene Design: Puncture Proof With Light Strips

Goodyear claims the design is incredibly lightweight, which should help improve fuel economy. It also promises improved wet traction, as the open structure absorbs water from the road.

Integrated into the sidewall of the Oxygene is a fully customizable light strip. The idea is that the lighting can aid in warning other road users of what to expect from the vehicle. It is basically the next level of brake and turn signal technology.

The tire is packed full of sensors, an AI processing unit, and lighting. In order to power these electronics, the tire harvests energy generated during photosynthesis.

These tires also communicate from vehicle to vehicle, and from vehicle to infrastructure. This communication is accomplished at the speed of light via a visible light communication system, or LiFi.

The connectivity of the tires takes data collection and communication in the transportation sector to a whole new level.

Breathe Easier With Oxygene

The Goodyear Oxygene tire concept is a bold look at how the integration of nature and technology will blend together and better our lives. It’s hard not to get excited by a recycled, natural, and nearly puncture-proof tire.

While it’s just a concept, the design points towards green innovations in the future from a major tire brand.

Given that it’s safer for motorists and at the same time helps to clean the air, this tire could be a win all around.

Even though cities are sure to be more crowded in the future, Goodyear gives a glimmer of hope with technology that makes the congested urban grid more bearable.

Bryon Dorr

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