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Karlmann King: Meet the World’s Most Expensive SUV

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Super villains rejoice – escape Batman in style with the bullet-proof, $3.8 million Karlmann King luxury SUV. But start saving now, the brand will build just nine of these outlandish 4x4s.

The Karlmann King luxury SUV launched at the recent Dubai International Auto Show. The details on this massive luxury SUV are a bit hazy, but we’ve discerned a few things from the vehicle’s debut.

While the exterior shape and basic chassis will remain the same across all nine builds, each Karlmann King will be extensively customized to each buyer’s specific requirements.

What Is a Karlmann King?

The Karlmann King is a $3.8 million (and up) luxury SUV. At the base is a Ford F550 4×4 chassis. It has Ford’s 6.8L V10 under the hood, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. Tuned to run premium fuel, the V10 should put out just under 400 hp.

With a 40-gallon fuel tank you should be able to evade Batman’s clutches for some time, but don’t expect good fuel economy out of this nearly 5-ton armored behemoth. A base non-armored version weighs in at about 5,600 pounds, while the bullet-proof version is about 9,900 pounds!

Don’t expect to outrun the Batmobile though. The Karlmann King’s stated top speed is only 87 mph. We suspect that number is for the armored version, and is computer-restricted for safety.

At over 8 feet tall and 8 feet wide, this SUV is gigantic! It’s only a bit over 19 feet long, however, meaning you can have your chauffeur parallel park it in a standard parking spot without an issue. This is important, as the vehicle’s towering height isn’t going to fit in most parking garages.

Besides being somewhat suitable for around-town duties, the Karlmann King appears properly off-road capable. With selectable 4WD, nearly 1 foot of ground clearance, and 40-inch all-terrain tires, it should be able to go just about anywhere you dare take it. Anywhere it fits, at least.

Inside The World’s Most Expensive SUV

As you’d expect, the interior of this thing is packed full of luxury options. It’s very much designed with the rear passengers in mind. So expect a bodyguard to drive most of the time. It comes standard for four passengers but can be configured for up to seven.

The standard equipment on the Karlmann King is a long list of luxury options, and the custom options are nearly limitless. Some of the standard features you’ll get are a 40-inch 4K TV, Playstation 4, satellite navigation, mood lighting, refrigerator, coffee machine, and a custom remote to control it all. Also standard are things like an iPad-based computer work station that flips out of the armrest with the touch of a button and a flip-out bar.

Sure, the interiors shown in the Karlmann King are over-the-top gaudy. But they should appeal to the über-rich audience.

Just remember: Each vehicle can be completely customized and tailored to the buyer. If you’d rather have a non-dead-animal-covered interior, or a custom-organized gear storage for your trad rack and trail running gear, I’m sure the brand could accommodate.

Where Is the Karlmann King Built?

These SUVs will be constructed one at a time in Europe at an unidentified “world top-level custom vehicle manufacturer.” The company states that the efforts of more than 1,800 workers will bring this behemoth to market.

It’s easy to see the stealth fighter and diamond influence in the angular multi-faceted design. The company also says the Karlmann King is inspired by falcons.  We haven’t yet figured out where the birds influence this vehicle.

The Ultimate Luxury SUV?

Didn’t Mercedes just self claim the “ultimate luxury” SUV title with its Vision Mercedes Ultimate Luxury show car? The Karlmann King is for sure even more over the top, and it’s actually available for purchase. I guess it comes down to your beverage of choice: The Mercedes comes with a fancy tea set, and the Karlmann King comes with a coffee maker, cooled Champaign cabinet, and full bar.

The Karlmann King is missing a roof rack for kayaks and bikes, but I bet you could option that. I’m also pretty sure you could have your chauffeur take care of the loading and unloading. But you’d probably need to install a ladder to get anything on top of this 8-foot 2-inch beast!

If you find an extra $4 million lying around soon, you should go to KarlmannKing.com and get your custom order in. Even with the insane price on this vehicle, we’re pretty sure they’ll quickly sell all nine of them. Batman would be jealous!

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