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Experience the Lexus Performance Driving School at Laguna Seca

Lexus Performance Driving School(Photo/Bryon Dorr)
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Lexus F Sport cars are impressively nimble and fun to drive hard, especially at an iconic racetrack alongside some of the best driving instructors on the planet.

I am being caressed firmly in a fine leather seat while the engine bounces off the rev limiter. The steering wheel snaps back and I stab at the throttle yet again. Soon I’m squealing tires through a bazillion cones in a huge parking lot.

Then, dreams came true. I braked hard up the hill before tossing the nose of the car to the left and dropping into the famous Corkscrew. All this and more is just a typical day at the Lexus Performance Driving School (LPDS) at Laguna Seca.

Forty-seven other students and I rotated through the lessons and experiences in groups of 12 while getting to strap in behind the wheel of a variety of Lexus F Sport vehicles. Needless to say, the day was full of excitement and everyone had a permagrin across their face.

Lexus Performance Driving School

Lexus Performance Driving School

As you might expect, it was a beautiful, sunny day in the rolling hills just east of Monterey, California. The famed Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca snakes around the rolling hills, offering up dramatic elevation changes and a fast-flowing 2.2-mile, 11-turn racetrack.

We had the entire facility to ourselves, which not only included the famous racetrack but also the VIP boxes, garages, and infield parking lot, where the school had set up an autocross course and two skid pads.

All day long, we were treated with top-notch hospitality. Besides the hot breakfast and sandwich lunch, we had a wide variety of snacks on offer in nearly every room.

Also, a variety of hot and cold drinks were close at hand, as staying hydrated at the track is super important to keep your mental focus sharp. We were even treated to ice cream between afternoon sessions on the track, which was a great surprise.

I found my day at the LPDS was a lot about providing an experience in the Lexus cars and on the track, with a lesser focus on driving skills improvement. If you have never been through a performance driving program, you will no doubt have some solid takeaways, and more advanced drivers can appreciate the reminder to work on the basics while still enjoying the driving experience.

The day was broken up into 45-minute class modules/activities that each group of 12 rotated through. And while there was some healthy competition sprinkled throughout the day, the program focused on working well with others in your group to have the best overall experience.


Here’s what my day at the LPDS looked like:

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