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Rivian Reveals: R2 SUV and R3 Crossover Join EV Ranks

Rivian just revealed the R2 and R3. They're more affordable EVs that are adventure-ready and will hit the U.S. market in 2026.

Rivian R2Rivian R2 decked out with camping accessories; (photo/Rivian)
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While the naming conventions are boring, they are pretty easy to follow — so far, anyway. Rivian started with the R1T, the pickup. Then we got the R1S, the big SUV. Now, we get the R2, a smaller R1S, and the R3, an even smaller crossover.

We’re excited about these little vehicles. They’re much closer to the average new car pricing today (over $25,000 cheaper than the R1 models), offer big range (over 300 miles), and have some nifty features that we’ve come to expect from Rivian.

Rivian family
Rivian family; (photo/Rivian)

Rivian R2 SUV

Details are scarce, but what we do know is that the Rivian R2 will be made in Illinois and the first deliveries will start in the first half of 2026. We also know that pricing will start at $45,000, and you can reserve one starting today with a $100 deposit.

Rivian R2
Rivian R2; (photo/Rivian)

It will come in three powertrain options, all offering over 300 miles of all-electric range. Two battery sizes will be on offer. We’ll also get single-motor (RWD), dual-motor (AWD), and tri-motor (one motor up front and two in back) versions of the mid-size electric SUV. The tri-motor version can hit 60 mph from a standstill in under 3 seconds.

Rivian R2 interior
Rivian R2 interior; (photo/Rivian)

All the seats in the Rivian R2 fold flat at the touch of a button. This should make for an amazingly spacious and comfortable car camping experience.

Rivian R2
Rivian R2; (photo/Rivian)

The Rivian R2 is about 15.5 feet long (4,715 mm), 5.5 feet tall (1,700 mm), and has a wheelbase of about 9.6 feet (2,935 mm). This all means the R2 is a considerably smaller vehicle than the R1S. It will also have an impressive 14.9 inches of ground clearance, which makes it properly off-road-capable.

Rivian showed R2 vehicles with 20-inch wheels and 32-inch tires. But expect a variety of offerings, but no larger than 32-inch tires.

The R2 will get two glove boxes and a frunk. The rear hatch glass also opens like a normal car window, dropping down into the tailgate, which makes it easy to carry long items — like a surfboard. Rivian continues to prioritize unique storage designs in its electric vehicle offerings.

Rivian R2, R3, R3X
Rivian R2, R3, R3X; (photo/Rivian)

Rivian R3 Crossover

Besides the expected R2 reveal, Rivian also revealed the R3. This is an even smaller all-electric vehicle, Rivian’s version of a crossover. I’m getting very Lada Niva vibes from this little pit bull of an EV. Even fewer details were revealed than the R2, however.

Rivian R3
Rivian R3; (photo/Rivian)

No pricing or availability details have been announced yet for the R3. Of course, we can expect it to start at sub-$45,000 and come in late 2026 or early 2027, based on the info released about the R2.

The R3 will likely be built in Rivian’s new Georgia factory, which is now under construction. The current Illinois factory makes the R1T, R1S, commercial delivery van, and soon the R2.

Rivian R3
Rivian R3; (photo/Rivian)

A “FlipperGlass” system allows the top half of the rear hatch to open separately from the hatch on the R3. It can also be adjusted to multiple heights, to carry long things within the vehicle without having the glass all the way open.

As with all Rivian, the R3 will come with a flashlight in the door and will have a frunk.

Rivian R3X interior
Rivian R3X interior; (photo/Rivian)

Just like the R2, the seats in the R3 fold flat at the touch of a button. Even the smallest Rivian so far should offer up a comfortable car camping experience.

Rivian R3X
Rivian R3X; (photo/Rivian)

Also shown was a more sporty and off-road-oriented R3, the R3X. It was shown with a wider wheel, bigger tires, a wider stance, more ground clearance, a tri-motor setup, accent colored mirrors and tow hooks, and a “rugged playful” interior.

Rivian Accessories Tease

Rivian hitch storage box accessory
Rivian hitch storage box accessory; (photo/Rivian)

Along with the new vehicles, Rivian also teased a bunch of new outdoor adventure-focused vehicle accessories. They showed a roof rack, roof-top tent, bike racks, a plug-in rear kitchen, and a hitch hitch-mounted storage bin.

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