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No Joke, This Electric Dirt Bike Is a Segway

Segway dirt bike
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The massive personal mobility company Segway-Ninebot just introduced the Segway Dirt eBike at SEMA Show 2019. Our Motors editor got hands-on with the new bike at the show.

You likely think of Segways as goofy two-wheeled contraptions that shuttle around tourists and airport cops. So you’d be forgiven if you double-take when we tell you this sick little dirtbike is, in fact, a Segway. Could this butt-of-jokes (but enormous brand) be cool again?

Segway Dirt eBike

Maybe, just maybeSegway calls its new bike an “all-mountain electric dirt bike.” The two-wheeled electrified adventure machine falls somewhere between a gas-powered dirtbike and mountain bike, mostly because of its low weight and quiet operation.

But unlike most e-bikes, this is clearly an e-motorcycle. It should compete with brands like CAKE that are bringing this new, light bike style to the market. It uses a throttle, not pedals, to initiate the motor drive. Indeed, it has foot pegs, not pedals. And it’s the first powersports product by Segway.

The new Segway Dirt eBike line will start with two models. Both will feature aluminum construction, full-suspension design, and take 3-5 hours to recharge fully.

They will also be user-personalized with “standard motor parts.” All that means is that mountain bike and motorcycle performance parts can be used to upgrade this machine easily.

Segway Dirt eBike X160

Segway Dirt eBike

Segway’s entry-level bike starts at $3,000. The X160 model weighs 106 pounds, has a 40.4-mile range, and can reach a modest top speed of 31 mph.

Segway Dirt eBike X260

Segway Dirt eBike X260

The X260 is basically the big brother, as it’s taller, heavier, faster and has more range. Prices for the X260 will start at $4,500. It will weigh in at 121 pounds, have a 74.6-mile range, and reach a top speed of 47 mph.

“Our core focus is to create innovative transportation solutions that will help people move around their communities — including solutions for the urban dweller and outdoor adventurer,” said Julie Tang, marketing director at Segway.

“The popularity of electric vehicles has made its way to the biking segment, and we are proud to meet the growing eco-conscious consumer demands by introducing the Segway Dirt eBike, our first product focused solely on the outdoor consumer who wants a rugged and high-performance dirtbiking experience.”

Segway Dirtbike First Impressions

I got to be one of the first outside the company to take one for a spin. I was on the larger X260 model and got to rip it around an empty parking lot at the SEMA Show. The bike is light, responsive, and has loads of torque.

Segway Dirt eBike X260 review

Eco mode is plenty powerful for most riding. In Sport mode, it will pop wheelies on demand. The bike’s ergonomics, smooth power delivery, and good looks impressed me.

But the suspension and the brakes could (and probably should) be upgraded. In particular, the brakes are from a downhill mountain bike — not really designed to stop a 121-pound bike.

Would I buy one? Maybe! I’d love to play with it off road and see what it can do on some rough, steep terrain. I can assure you it’s a ton of fun!

How to Get One

The Segway Dirt eBike Indiegogo campaign kicks off on November 25. But if you sign up for notifications today, you get up to $500 off. Sign up today at store.segway.com/dirtebike to get on the early-bird discount.

Segway Dirt eBike X260

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