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Major Network Broadcasts Casting Call for ‘Adventure Competitors’

A major television network calls for adventure teams with ‘survival skills, endurance, stamina, self reliance, and fearlessness’ to race through wild extremes.

What’s adventure without a little intrigue? In the world of adrenaline junkies and type-twoligans, a truly epic adventure ain’t jack unless it comes shrouded in the unknown. NBCUniversal’s recent casting call for “adventure survival teams” appeals to potential cast members with a double shot of cash and mystery.

Here is what we think we know about the major network’s vaguely ominous call to adventure.

NBCUniversal’s Adventure Team Casting Call

There’s just one graphic at the top of the casting call webpage. The color palette borders on sinister — dark grays, stark white font, and safety-yellow accents. A person walks through some snowy, chilly-looking storm up on a high peak. In sharp, bold text, the call reads:

“Major TV network is seeking SURVIVAL EXPERTS and hardcore ADVENTURE COMPETITORS to race across the most extreme wilderness and weather on the planet for a cash prize.”

Just how much cash remains a mystery.

casting call graphic from NBCUniversal with text that reads "now casting adventure survival teams"

The casting call form for applicants looks pretty standard … at first. But by question 10, things start to get exciting. Here are a few of our favorite questions:

  • Please list a few of your best potential teammates.
  • What is their best survival skill? What is their athletic ability?
  • Tell us details about your epic adventures.
  • Tell us about your personality: Words that describe you (good and bad); biggest pet peeve?
  • Describe your survival skills: Where did you learn them? Have you ever had to use them?

We’re not sure what to expect — the Amazing Race on steroids, plus LifeStraws? Probably.

Casting Criteria: Apply Now

NBCUniversal requires applicants to be at least 18 years of age as of July 26, 2021. It also specifies that applicants must be legal U.S. residents and have legal authorization to live and work in the U.S. on or around July 2021. The network prohibits anyone running or planning to run for public office from applying.

Does this rugged, televised competition through the great unknown sound like your idea of a good time? Head over to the casting call webpage and fill out an application. And let us know if you make the cut. We love a good adventure story.

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