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Internal Heat Wetsuit, ‘Beast’ Fleece, and More: Emerging Gear

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid or click through for a slideshow.

skier in red jacket and black helmet wearing Impetro Backpacks Ski Pack
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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

Backcountry Access Tracker S Beacon

Backcountry Access Tracker S Beacon closeup on white background

Backcountry Access’ newest avalanche receiver is now available for backcountry users. The BCA Tracker S ($300) offers a real-time direction and distance digital display as well as a signal suppression feature when multiple transceivers are in the area to locate the strongest signal. The new model doesn’t have higher-tech features like motion-sensing, making it easy and accessible for the average backcountry consumer.

Askov Finlayson Winter Parka

Askov Finlayson Parka in mustard with jacket open against white background

Minnesota-based Askov Finlayson makes its outerwear debut this month with the Winter Parka. The “climate-positive” puffy sells for $495 and includes sustainable touches like recycled synthetic-down insulation from 3M and recycled polyester shell fabric. The company has a manufacturing commitment to offset carbon emissions and donates 110 percent of its total “climate cost” to various climate-change-fighting initiatives. A neat final touch: One of the parka’s pockets fits a phone and has material made to block all cell and Wi-Fi signals, letting you truly disconnect when in the outdoors.

Walter Sky B02 Jogger-Style Pant

model with tattoos in white shirt, Walter Sky Outdoor Pants, and leather sneakers

Walter Sky is a startup clothing brand that truly blends function and form. We’ve been testing the brand’s WS-B02 pants ($128) for multiple months. They’re made of a unique polyester originally developed for the Japanese Olympic team that breathes, stretches, and is durable enough to stand up to some outdoor abuse. Good-fitting and sharp-looking, the WS-B02 pants are worth consideration for any outdoorsy man with some fashion sense.

Injinji Everyday Lightweight Crew Socks

Injinji Everyday Crew Socks against white background

Take foot comfort to a whole new level with Injinji’s Everyday Lightweight socks ($13). The socks are made with upcycled cotton fibers and post-consumer-recycled plastic. The socks also feature toe protection construction for comfort, proper alignment, and blister protection. They’re also available in midcalf crew length and hidden sock length.

Espro Coffee Press P6

Espro french press p6 stainless steel and black against white background

If you enjoy caffeine on outdoor excursions, consider a coffee press. The Espro Press P6 is for when you and your crew want to hike and camp all day but still want to wake up to quality brew. The Press P6 has a patented double microfilter and an isolated brew chamber that can make 32 whopping ounces of coffee. It’s a $100 stainless steel vessel with double-walled insulation.

Loon Outdoors Fly Dip

small jar of Loon fly fishing Fly Dip against white background

If you hate the smell of most dip floatants, it might be time to give Loon’s “eco” Fly Dip ($11) a try. The fly dip promises to keep all types of flies dry on the water. Use it as a pretreatment or afterward on soggy flies to bring them back to life. If you’re out on the rivers all the time, this is the product for you.

SAXX Hyperdrive Underwear

Hyperdrive SAXX Underwear

SAXX tweaked its unique BallPark Pouch design in the new Hyperdrive underwear ($50). The pouch in the compression boxer brief gives an even more snug yet comfortable fit for those who do high-impact and “bouncy” activities. Our editor has been testing them on steep hikes, MTB rides, sport climbs, and runs for several weeks. The compression fit feels fantastic and, frankly, they look rad. Available in spring 2020.

REEB Cycles Hooptie Klunker Bike

REEB Cycle Hooptie Klunker Bike with silver frame and ZTR Flow wheelset against white background

Do a throwback to the MTB pioneers and their Klunker-style bikes that started it all. This single-speed bike has a barn-built 4130 Chromoly steel frame with laser-cut dropouts, Shimano freewheel and crank, and 29-inch wheels. Cruise around or shred — your choice. Get this REEB Cycle bike for $1,200 for the full Hooptie build.

Houdini x Polartec Power Air Houdi

Houdini Power Air Houdi fleece hoody zip up against white background

Houdini’s new hoody aims to reduce those pesky microfibers shed into our environment. The Power Air Houdi ($250) is made differently than other fleeces by securing the insulation fibers into small pockets to decrease shedding. Plus, it’s soft and lightweight. Available for men and women.

Hydaway Collapsible Bottle

Hydaway bottles in a rainbow of colors with carry handles up against white background

Hydaway wants to do away with plastic waste, one bottle at a time. Its new collapsible bottles (available in 17- and 25-ounce versions) are a great step. They collapse down to 1.5 inches, have a watertight seal, and can even fit Hydaway’s new carbon filters. The bottles cost $25-30 online.

Saucony Triumph 17 Running Shoe

Saucony Triumph 17 shoe profile against white background

Saucony’s newest running shoe is pushing the limits on ultralight construction. The Triumph 17 ($150) is the first shoe with PWRRUN+ midsole cushioning, which is 28-percent lighter than the brand’s previous foam. Meaning the shoe’s extra springiness is sure to put a pep in your step on longer runs.

Xcel Radiant Rebound Infiniti Wetsuit

Xcel Radiant Rebound Wetsuit against white background

Wish you could enjoy watersports year-round but don’t like the cold? Xcel has you covered with its Radiant Rebound Infiniti wetsuit, which uses a metal lining under the fabric to reflect internal body heat. Sure, heavier, thicker suits can help fight frigid temps, but this is a much “cooler” option. (Suits start at $300 for men and women.)

Impetro Gear Mountain Sports Backpacks

Impetro Gear Backpack 15L against gray background

Austria-based Impetro Gear got its packs funded on Kickstarter in under 24 hours. Why? The company made sport-specific packs that zip onto a base structure for instant activity customization. The Mountain Sports modular packs ($200) attach to a base pack unit and come in 15L, 22L, and 33L sizes. They are lightweight and have pole holders and more nifty features. Get one as early as May 2020.

PDW Beast Hoodie

PDW Beast Fleece Hoodie against white background

PDW has created the clothing equivalent of a bear hug. Its Beast Hoodie ($198) sports a dense fleece material for better wind resistance (not to mention coziness). PDW’s material choice was double-faced Shearling ThermalPro retro pile fleece, giving a nod to ’70s alpinist jackets. It’s got some weight, but it’s worth it for the six zippered pockets, wind flap, and hood for when you need to snuggle down out of the cold.

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