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Emerging Gear: Sleep Cocoon, Surfboard Speaker, and More

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid or click through for a slideshow.

side profile of man cast in redd glow wearing the Deep Sleep Cocoon jacket
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A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design. Explore the grid below or click through for a slideshow.

Pelican G40C Go Charge Case

pelican Charge Go Case open with a smartphone inside

Pelican has finally brought us the first charging utility case that’s waterproof and wireless — and it looks pretty cool. The case is Pelican’s G40C Go Charge case design with Q1 wireless charging and up to 48 hours of extra battery life on a charge. It also has an additional USB charging port for any non-smartphone device you may need to juice up on the go. Get it now for $100.

Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon

Vollebak Deep Sleep Cocoon

The human body needs sleep, and Vollebak is hoping its new cocoon-style jacket will help us with that. Designed for “sleeping in space,” the Vollebak cocoon has an articulated hood and visor that can fold down over your face. The hood fastens with magnets and has a mesh visor that allows visibility out but not in. Yes, it looks strange. Would it be great to have on a plane (or if you decide to go to Mars)? Probably. Is it worth its whopping $895 price tag? You be the judge.

OtterBox Exo Edge Watch Case

two watches, one analog display watch with a white Otterbox Apple Watch case and one watch with a time and date display in a black Otterbox case

If you drop hundreds of dollars on a smartwatch, you want it to last a while. Enter the protective OtterBox Exo Edge case ($30). This OtterBox case is made for Apple watches Series 3, 4, and 5. It has a bezel to protect the watch display, and a smooth bumper around the edge to protect the rest of the watch. Note: The case doesn’t come with a band.

Canfield Bikes Nimble 9 Frame

Canfield N9 bike frameset in two-toned cotton candy powder blue and pink colors

Canfield Bikes (formerly Canfield Brothers Bikes) brought a new frame style to market this week. The Nimble 9 or N9 (starting at $599) is the fifth generation of its iconic steel hardtail frame. The 4130 Chromoly steel frame has updated geometry for all-mountain riding and a 150mm fork. It can fit 29-inch, 29-plus, or 27.5-plus wheels. And all the frames have custom two-tone color choices.

SWICK 2.0 Upcycled Surfboard Speaker

a white Swick Board 2.0 surfboard upcycled into a speaker, leaning against wall

Surfboards are not very environmentally friendly. Made of fiberglass and foam, they usually end up in landfills. SWICK sources unwanted boards through the International Surf Therapy Organization and upcycles them into life-size board speakers, like the SWICK Board 2.0 ($4,800). The actual tech involves 5-inch reference woofers, a SONOS amp, and LED backlighting. It comes with a wireless remote. Best of all, the surf speaker can be used outdoors.

Beringia Diomede Merino Wool Snorkel Hoody

Beringia Diomede Wool snorkel-design Hoody against white background

I’ve never worn a Snorkel Hoody, but I like the idea of the face-hugging layer. Beringia’s Diomede Snorkel Hoody ($180) is a skin-level base layer made of post-consumer-recycled fibers and merino wool. The waffle-stitch fabric should keep air trapped (and keep you warm) while resting but is breathable during activity. Tested in the Japanese Alps, it’s definitely geared for wintry adventure. Lightweight and breathable? Definitely. Stylish? That’s up to you.

Willow Wrap Ski Ties

close up of Willow Wrap ski tie securing ski tails and poles together

A simple upgrade to a common product, Willow Wrap’s ski ties keep poles and skis bundled together for easy carrying. The upgrades include a thicker foam to protect the base and keep ski tips from touching during transit, and a Velcro wrap lets you attach poles. Bundled up, you can carry skis and poles together with one hand. Bonus: Willow Wrap makes its products in Minnesota, with all materials sourced from U.S. companies. Prices start at $15.

MODL Modular Bottle

MODL bottle next to mesh carry bag, shower, and water filter attachments against white background

The latest product in the water bottle industry comes from MODL, and it’s pretty ingenious. The bottle, which launched this week, has swappable attachments like caps and filters to tailor the bottle to your activity of choice. The 36-ounce MODL (starting package at $75) is made of a collapsible silicone exterior and has straps on each end for securing to a pack or bike. Right now, you can get the complete package — a straw, shower attachment, water filter, flow tube, bottle, and caps — for $125.


Side profile view of HOKA Arahi 4 running shoe against white background

HOKA ONE ONE just released its fourth edition of the Arahi shoe. The Arahi 4 has HOKA’s J-Frame stability technology, putting the focus on stability rather than cushion for long miles on the road. The shoes also have all-new uppers with better breathability. The Arahi 4 ($130) is available now for men and women.

Ball and Buck x Parlor Skis

close up view of topsheets on Ball and Buck x Parlor skis

Designed to carve anywhere from the groomers to the trees, Ball and Buck’s latest skis hit the market today. They are handmade at Boston-based Parlor Skis, with a solid wood core and a flat camber profile. We haven’t tested them but already like the all-mountain skis’ unique style. The ready-made or custom skis start at $1,248.

Rapha Indoor Training Sweat Cap

side profile of Rapha indoor training cap with mesh holes in black

Rapha’s new apparel collection is geared toward all the Peloton bike riders of the world. Extra intriguing in the collection is the “sweat cap” ($40), with ventilating spacer mesh designed to keep the user cool and dry during a workout. The hat is made of absorbent fabrics and even has an internal sweatband to keep the cap in place. This is one hat that might actually make sense to wear indoors. Rapha’s full indoor workout apparel collection launched today.

THYRM DarkVault Utility Case

DarkVault case closed and locked photographed against black background

The THYRM utility case ($60) provides “battlefield-grade protection” for field electronics and can be mounted or strapped almost anywhere. THYRM relies on a high-tech polymer that blocks cell and GPS signals to get users off the grid. But if you’d prefer to stay connected, you can get the protective case without this feature. The case seems ideal for people who work in security, the military, or people who like an extra layer of protection while traveling.

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