Little Cottonwood Canyon. Photo credit: Scott CAtron

Gunshots Fired At Utah Rock Climbers

Utah Police are investigating after two groups of climbers reported bullets ‘whizzing by’ as they scaled a rock face in a popular canyon.

Gunshots fired at rock climbers in little cottonwood canyon
Little Cottonwood Canyon. Photo credit: Scott CAtron

After an unknown assailant fired shots at climbers in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Police escorted the two people to safety.

According to The Salt Lake Tribune, one witness saw “a green passenger car with approximately three occupants” that may have been involved. Currently, the police have no suspects.

Shots Fired At Rock Climbers For Unknown Reason

Nate Lamb told 2News that he heard gunshots zip past him while he and a friend climbed in the Pentapitch climbing area of the canyon. He told that station a second group of climbers in the canyon experienced a similar incident.

The shooting happened around 6 p.m. Monday evening. Police arrived and found shell casings around Little Cottonwood Road, reportedly 500 feet from where two individuals were climbing, according to the report.

The pair told police they heard shots and bullets striking the rock around them. Police did not say if the shots were to scare the climbers or wound them.

Little Cottonwood Canyon is a popular outdoors destination near Salt Lake City. A road passing up the scenic canyon gives ready access to hiking, climbing, mountain biking, fishing, skiing, and more. Alta and Snowbird ski resorts are within the canyon.

The Unified Police Department identified no suspects, but asked anyone with information to call UPD at 801-743-7000.

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