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Leatherman Teases Innovation ‘Garage’: What Does It Mean?

The grandaddy of the multitool has thought of damn near everything — or has it?

Leatherman just unveiled plans for its limited Garage line of products. Described as an “innovation hub,” the Garage will focus on producing innovative, small-batch designs that extend beyond the realm of pocket tools and knives.

Current details are pretty vague, but it sounds like the global multitool megabrand is attempting to run it back to its humble beginnings in Tim Leatherman’s Portland garage some 40 years ago. Here’s what we know so far.

Leatherman Garage: Small-Batch Innovation

Leatherman will extend is range of products with the upcoming small-batch Leatherman Garage line.

The Leatherman Garage design team will experiment with new materials, blueprints, and processes. If all goes according to plan, the Garage should prove a veritable crucible of creativity and thoughtful engineering.

The brand says that offering limited-run gear on a more select basis will allow its designers freedom beyond the red tape and demands that come with mass production. And the pared-down, one-time-release model should make receiving customer feedback faster and simpler.

At the time of writing, the Garage is a fledgling idea, and there are no prototypes that we can report on just yet. But dexterity has always been the brand’s superpower, and we look forward to testing whatever comes out of the Leatherman Garage. So stay tuned — we’ll update some of the first creations coming from it.

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