Living luxury trailer
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$500K ‘Living Vehicle’ Luxury Trailer Redefines Off-Grid Glamping

This ‘trailer’ boasts big features, big energy savings, and big upgrades, but it also comes at a big price.

Living Vehicle’s eponymous LV 2022 trailer looks more like a modern house on the inside than your typical trailer or RV. The “luxury residence,” coming to market in 2022, will be the brand’s most high-tech and most luxurious model yet.

The Living Vehicle 2022 has the capacity for two bedrooms, solar air conditioning, a home theater, skylights, a bidet, automatic lowering indoor/outdoor deck, and oh-so-many more comforts you wouldn’t even find in most freestanding homes.

living vehicle trailer deck

We could go on about the maybe “extra” features like heated towel racks, floor-to-ceiling closets, 24-hour off-grid air conditioning, and a Tesla charging station, but we won’t.

We’ll let you take a tour inside this four-season, luxury home — starting at $250,000, ranging up to $500,000! — on wheels first to see for yourself just how luxurious a trailer can be.

Living Vehicle 2022 Overall Specs

living vehicle base model trailer with deck and steps

  • Fully off-grid-capable, four-season design
  • Solid aluminum shell
  • 16,000-18,000lb. GVWR
  • 4,500lb. cargo-carrying capacity
  • 1,500lb. rated-deck capacity
  • Interior includes: chef’s kitchen, bedroom, second bedroom/converted office, “spa” bath, washer/dryer, pet food pantry, storage area, 8-foot sliding glass patio door, and integrated deck
  • Major power features include: SunPower solar panels, Electric Vehicle level 1 and 2 charging, automatic patio deck
  • 4-wheel electric-hydraulic disc brakes (select models)

New for 2022 — as opposed to LV’s sold-out 2021 model — is 15% more bedroom and living space, a switch to European battery storage with advanced LiPo chemistry, more energy storage and inverter power on all models, and the option for EV charging.

living vehicle trailer driving down road

“We designed Living Vehicle with freedom in mind, granting travelers the ability to experience every corner of the country and stay connected and comfortable along the way,” co-founder Matthew Hofmann said.

“Our new 2022 Living Vehicle builds on the success of our past models, while enabling owners to travel even further and truly live sustainably.”

Living Vehicle Sustainability and Energy

living vehicle solar panels from above

The 2022 Living Vehicle is powered by electricity, everywhere you look. It’s one of the selling points for the brand in making these luxury homes off-grid.

“The ability to recharge and store electricity for off-grid use is the basis for freedom from the grid and extending off-grid travel,” the founders wrote. Perks of solar power on this trailer include off-grid air conditioning and a solar-powered sunshade.

Even without upgrade packages, the 2022 LV base model offers more than twice the power of the 2021 model.

Power features include:

  • Solar Power System: 1,320-3,520 watts of solar capacity
  • Solar-powered air conditioning
  • Solar-powered electric refrigerator
  • Additional energy storage: 14.4-57.6 kWh storage
  • Each model has a 5, 10, 15, or 20 kWh hybrid converter
  • EV Charging (level 2 on PRO-EV model)

Living Vehicle Base Price and Availability

The Living Vehicle 2022 comes in four models: the CORE (no solar-powered awning), MAX, PRO, and PRO-EV. Models start at a base price of $249,995, with 20 customizable add-on packages to choose from.

If you are serious about electric charging, the PRO-EV model starts at $430K with builds up to half a million dollars.

All LV trailers are custom manufactured with a 10- to 12-month lead time. Learn more about living unplugged.

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