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ChatGPT on Wheels: Here’s How the ‘World’s Smartest Bike’ Works 

Does anyone actually want 'a bicycle with a brain'? This brand behind a ChatGPT-enabled bicycle is betting yes.

an Urtopia bike on a street at nightAn Urtopia ChatGPT-enabled e-bike; (photo/Urtopia)
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If you’re the kind of person still railing against electronic technology in bicycles, you should probably stop reading now. Because what you’re about to read goes beyond 3D-printed saddles, or electronic motors and shifting. That’s right. ChatGPT — the increasingly ubiquitous artificial intelligence software — now powers a bicycle.

Urtopia, the brand behind this innovation, touts its ChatGPT-integrated e-bike as “the bicycle with a mind.” Maybe that creeps you out, and maybe it doesn’t. In practice, what it boils down to is an advanced Siri-like utility that can help you navigate in unfamiliar urban environments without having to stop and fiddle with your phone. It also gives you sightseeing suggestions and other directions.

Check out the demo video below:

Smart Bike With ChatGPT: How It Works

Urtopia’s LED “dot-matrix screen offers a retro-style display that gives real-time cycling metrics in a way that is easy-to-read, clear, and bright enough even under direct sunlight,” a representative for Urtopia stated in an email exchange with GearJunkie. The AI voice control works via two noise-canceling microphones, so ChatGPT can hear you (in theory), even on busy urban streets.

Urtopia hopes that AI can provide not just assistance for things like commuting and training, but also exploration and travel. If you don’t have the answer on where to go, or how to get somewhere, your bike might.

As it stands, the functionality is a little underwhelming (at least to this journalist). But as ChatGPT’s capabilities grow — as certain a bet as you can make in today’s technological climate — so too will the capabilities of Urtopia’s e-bikes.

an Urtopia bike dot-matrix interface
The Urtopia dot-matrix interface includes retro styling and a screen designed for easy viewing in direct sunlight; (photo/Urtopia)

“We believe that we have unlocked a possibility, whereas ChatGPT becomes increasingly intelligent, our e-bikes will also become more intelligent, almost as if they have their own thoughts,” the spokesperson said.

Urtopia’s e-bikes (the Carbon 1, Chord, and upcoming Fusion) will be ready when that time comes. ChatGPT is available in all three models. Something to note, though — you’ll need your own ChatGPT account in order to use it on board.

More Urtopia E-Bike Features

Urtopia is leaning hard into the “e” part of e-bikes, loading their rides with high-end tech features that go beyond an electric motor. There’s an accelerometer and gyroscope for movement detection, as well as a fingerprint-based unlocking feature. The bikes are also GPS and eSIM enabled.

All told, it’s a suite of features that makes for a powerful anti-theft system. Haptic feedback devices on the handlebars, as well as integrated lights and turn signals, round out the feature set. Finally, in addition to a dashboard integrated with ChatGPT, Urtopia’s bikes also integrate Google Maps for navigation. And recently, achieved pinnacle bike-user integration with the Strava app as well.

Assuming artificial intelligence doesn’t trigger a robot apocalypse in the next 6 months or so, you can find Urtopia’s e-bikes over on its website. The Carbon 1 starts at an MSRP of $2,799, while the Chord retails for an MSRP of $1,799. Both bikes ship for free and come with a 14-day return policy.

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