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woom 3 AUTOMAGIC Bike: Kids’ Cruiser With Automatic Shifting

the woom 3 automagicThe woom 3 AUTOMAGIC's two-speed hub gearing makes for easier starts when you've got tiny legs; (photo/woom)
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The 16-inch bike’s automatic shifting feature makes starts easier and allows your budding racer to build up some speed on the flats.

More kids on bikes — that’s what we say. Bikemaker woom, known for innovating in the children’s bike space, is on it.

The company built its woom 3 AUTOMAGIC around a nifty two-speed hub that automatically shifts from low to high at around 7 mph. All the maintenance-free goodness of two-speed internally geared hub gearing plus a riding experience optimized for fun? Sign our kids up.

The Woom 3 Automagic
The woom 3 AUTOMAGIC; (photo/woom)

Woom designed the bike for ages 4 through 6. As such, the aluminum frame sports low-entry-point geometry for easy straddling, and the total weight comes in at around 14 pounds.

The sweet braking system includes color-coded levers to help your kiddo remember what lever engages which brake. Bonus: The levers are adjustable. So at least your kid’s bike will still fit after a growth spurt even if their clothes don’t.

Of course, the woom 3 AUTOMAGIC‘s chief selling point is the automatic hub, but woom’s other kid-specific features are worth a look. The high-rise handlebars and rounded stem are safety-friendly, as is the removable chainguard.

But our favorite touch is the clever steering limiter, which helps youngins stay pointed in the right direction on the trail. And if your kid doesn’t need that level of oversight, removing the limiter with a hex tool is easy enough.

The Woom 3 Automagic steering limiter
The woom 3 AUTOMAGIC steering limiter; (photo/woom)

At $449, the woom 3 AUTOMAGIC is a bit pricey. But you get a lot of functionality and thoughtful design for your money. And it can be traded in for the next larger-size bike through woom’s upCYCLING program.

Oh yeah, and it comes in red, green, blue, purple, and yellow.

Check it out.

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