Corkcicle Walnut Collection

Lifestyle Outdoor: 5 Water Bottles for 5 Different People

Sometimes you just want useful gear that looks good in the outdoors. This week, Lifestyle Outdoor looks at water bottles.

Once for simply holding water, water bottles have since elevated to personality-defining health icons. Proper hydration and ending single-use plastics are important.

And these concepts seem to be catching on. Water bottles are quickly turning from purely utilitarian objects into fashion statements.

Most of these options below are insulated. Brands will tell you they keep water hot for 24 hours and drinks ice cold for days. Yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ve heard it before. But you know well enough the water in your bottle will be consumed in the next hour.

Here are five water bottles if a Nalgene with duct tape around it isn’t your thing.

Pictured above is the Corkcicle Walnut Collection.

5 Stylish Water Bottles

Welly Bottle 18 oz.

Welly Bottle

A Welly Bottle is an eco-conscious option. The bottles are made of bamboo and come with a removable infuser for tea. For every bottle sold, the brand donates $1 to bring clean water to people in developing countries.

Corkcicle Unicorn Magic

Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Collection

Plopping a Glampagne-, Unicorn Magic-, or Pixie Dust-colored Corkcicle down on the table makes a huge statement. Yes, you care about hydration. And yes, you are fabulous.

S’Well Metallic Camo

Swell Metallic Camo Bottle

If Mossy Oak is too woodsy for you but you still want to get in on the camo trend, consider the S’well Metallic Camo collection. The prints are inspired by shapes and shadows found in lichen and algae.

Hydro Flask Escape Collection

Hydro Flask Escape Collection

Ramp up the outdoorsy vibe with a Hydro Flask adorned with nature prints. The Escape Collection comes in three styles: mountains, water, and forest.

Purist Collective


Minimalism is on full display with Purist’s collection of water bottles. With colors like Bare, Black, Ash, and Bone, the bottles aren’t aggressive in looks — just clean and classy. The brand uses a glass interior for pure taste and a stainless steel exterior for durability. Purist launches online this winter.

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