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Cut, Chop, Smash: Survival Axe Has 30 Ways To Keep You Alive

From backcountry emergencies to backyard projects, the Survival Axe Elite probably has a tool to see you through.

Off Grid Tools imagined a number of worst-case scenarios in fashioning this formidable-looking multi-tool.

Gas leak? Keep explosion risk at bay with the gas valve shut-off wrench. Car plunge into icy water? Use the seatbelt cutter and glass breaker to escape. Camp cooler loaded with non-twist bottles? Liberate your beer with the bottle opener (or smash the top with the hammerhead).

While we couldn’t test every contingency, we explored the 30-in-1 Survival Axe for this First Look review.

Off Grid Tools Survival Axe Elite: 30-in-1 Multi-Tool

The Survival Axe might not be “the only tool you’ll need to survive,” as the brand claims. But it does have a great deal of utility packed into its 1055 carbon steel body.


Obviously, the hatchet face will (and did) chop wood or fashion sharp sticks. From the reverse side juts a hammer face with a nail-puller. Atop the crown you’ll find a wire twist and “demolition grip” teeth, great for wrenching stuck lids.

The gas valve shut-off wrench cut-out in the handle body also houses a bottle opener. Behind the hatchet head are four double-duty hex wrench sockets. One face fits metric bolts, the opposite fits SAE.

The seatbelt cutter and center-punch glass breaker sit along the knob of the axe handle. And last, but certainly not least, a Sawzall blade flips out from inside the handle. Perhaps the most utilitarian tool of all, the saw blade measures six inches and can be replaced when dull.

For a full rundown of the Survival Axe Elite’s features—or to fork over $90 for your own—go to Off Grid Tools.

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