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Osprey’s Extended Fit: Making the Outdoors Accessible for Every Body

Women wearing osprey pack(Photo/Osprey)
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Osprey is taking an important step toward making outdoor sports more accessible with the launch of its Extended Fit Program.

For many people with larger body types, shopping for outdoor gear is a challenge. Often, stores don’t carry their sizes or brands don’t even make them. This shuts many people out of outdoor sports right out of the gate.

That’s why, in spring 2023, Osprey will be releasing its Extended Fit Program.

The Extended Fit Program introduces the brand’s four main backpacks, designed to maximize performance and fit for bigger bodies. This program is a major step forward in inclusivity and accessibility for day hikers and backpackers alike.

Extended Fit will be a feature of Osprey’s core packs: the Aether/Ariel 65 and Volt/Viva 65 for backpacking as well as the Sportlite 25 and Talon/Tempest 20 for day hiking.

Extended Fit: Backpacking Specs and Prices

Osprey Aerial and Aether Packs
Osprey Aether 65 and Ariel 65; (photo/Osprey)

Osprey’s backpacking packs included in this program are the Aether/Ariel 65 and the Volt/Viva 65. The main difference between the two series is that the Aether/Ariel 65 are designed for carrying heavier loads, while the Volta/Viva 65 are tailored for backpackers who want a comfortable, easily accessible pack.

All of them will have Fit-on-the-Fly adjustable, extended hip belts and shoulder straps that provide a custom fit for consumers. The hip belts will have longer padding to maximize comfort and load transfer. Additionally, the hip belt pockets will be repositioned further forward to make them more easily accessible.

The packs will also include extended shoulder straps and a longer sternum strap. This will help transfer the load more evenly and allow for a more comfortable and secure fit that doesn’t restrict airflow.

Both series will have Osprey’s well-known AirScape back panel, and come in both men’s and women’s specific fits. The men’s and women’s specific models come in different torso, hipbelt, and harness ranges.

Aether/Ariel 65

Osprey’s men’s-specific pack, the Aether 65, will include a torso range spanning from 17 to 20.5 inches for S/M sizes and 19.5-23 inches for the L/XL. Both size ranges have an adjustable hip belt that will measure from 40 to 70 inches and an adjustable sternum harness of 17-21 inches.

Retail price for this pack will be $320, and it will come in black or a mustardy green color.

Extended fit Osprey Volt 65

The Ariel 65, which is the women’s-specific version of the Aether, will be 13.5-17 inches for the XS/S torso range and 16-19.5 inches for the M/L. Similar to the Aether, the hip belt ranges from 40 to 70 inches while the harness will run from 15 to 19 inches.

The Ariel 65 will also be priced at $320 and come in black or Ceramic Blue.

Volt/Viva 65

The Volt 65’s torso measures 18-22 inches, the hip belt 40-70 inches, and a harness up to 20 inches. This pack will come in black or a muted blue color at a retail price of $220.

The Viva 65 will have similar sizing. Its torso will be 15-19 inches, the hip belt 40-70 inches, and the adjustable harness will go up to 19 inches. The Viva comes in gray or green (two of my personal favorites), priced at $220.

Extended Fit: Daypack Specs and Prices

The Tempest 20 has been my go-to daypack for as long as I can remember. So I was thrilled to hear that Osprey was including the Tempest, and its men’s-specific counterpart the Talon 22, in its new program.

These two packs are staples in Osprey’s daypack line and are some of the most versatile on the market. With the Extended Fit program, both packs will have an extended version of the continuous lumbar-to-hip belt, which will allow for more dynamic movement on hikes or rides for larger body types.

Talon 22/Tempest 20

Osprey Talon Earth 22 backpack; (photo/Osprey)
Osprey Talon; (photo/Osprey)

The Talon 22 and Tempest 20 will have the same sizing as the backpacking packs included in this Program. Both packs will go for $160.

The Talon will come in dark gray or dark blue, while the Tempest will sport black or its well-known Jasper Green.

Sportlite 25

Osprey is including the Sportlite 25 in its new program as well. But unlike the Talon/Temptest, it has a unisex fit. The S/M torso length will range from 16 to 20 inches while the M/L will measure 18-22 inches. However, the hipbelt will be the same as all other packs in this program at 40-70 inches, with the harness extending to 19 inches.

The Sportlite 25 comes in Charcoal Gray or Pine Leaf Green for $125.

Women hiking with extended fit osprey backpack

Extended Fit: For Every Body

I have had countless conversations with (and read numerous blogs about) hikers and backpackers that can’t find a pack that fits their body type. It can be discouraging for people wanting to pursue outdoor activities. For many, it can feel like an insurmountable barrier of entry: none of the gear or clothing fits them.

The Extended Fit Program aims to be more inclusive of all body types. With the extended features and a price point that is roughly the same as the brand’s original packs (give or take $5-10 depending on the pack), we can tell Osprey had accessibility at the forefront of this program.

The Extended Fit program provides a solution for the consumers affected by this lack of inclusivity. It sets a new standard for the industry to follow. By doing so, Osprey is being proactive in creating an outdoor environment that is open to everyone. Everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors with the same comfort and ease.

Osprey’s new program kicks expectations up a notch for the outdoor industry. Stay tuned for its release of the Extended Fit packs, coming in spring 2023.

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