Energy Gel from a Wetsuit Brand

They don’t taste like neoprene. But wetsuit maker Body Glove is jumping into the energy category with a line of gels.

Called Body Glove SURGE, the gel is different because its first ingredient is agave syrup. Touted to contain “more energy than the leading shot,” the gels also list honey, green tea, brown rice syrup, cane juice, whey protein, and caffeine as main ingredients.

SURGE gel in a wetsuit

Each pack is a serving that contains 80 calories as well as 150 milligrams of caffeine. Other brands like Clif and GU have more calories (usually around 100 or 110) and different ingredient mixes.

But Body Glove compares SURGE not to standard energy food but to mass-market energy drinks and shots, touting that they “deliver more concentrated energy than Red Bull, Monster, Rock Star or 5 Hour Energy.”

Pro surfer Garrett McNamara is a sponsored SURGE athlete

To get this high-octane mix Body Glove contracted with PacificHealth Labratories to formulate the gel, a brand that makes products like Accelerade and other sports nutrition mixes.

We tested SURGE at the OR Show plus just got some samples shipped to the GearJunkie office. The Double Espresso flavor was extremely strong, including a tang and mineral aftertaste. Chocolate SURGE was sweet and good.

Body Glove gel packs are more liquid than GU or Clif’s offerings. This makes them easy to squeeze out and eat while biking or moving fast, as you do not need to force out the contents.

Common gel pack format, but much more liquid than Clif or GU

As noted, Body Glove was at the Outdoor Retailer trade show last month. The brand plans to market heavily to the space. But it also is sticking to its core watersports arena, including sponsoring pro surfer Garrett McNamara and kite-boarder Sam Medysky.

SURGE gels cost more than the common Clif or GU, at about $2.50 each. They are available online to purchase now and will hit GNC stores in March.

—Amy Oberbroeckling is an assistant editor.

Amy Oberbroeckling

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