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Podcast: Shattering Ceilings to Reach Peaks: Andrew Alexander King

Andrew Alexander King podcast
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Shattering Ceilings to Reach Peaks: Andrew Alexander King

Mountains don’t care what you look like. But that doesn’t mean the challenge is the same for everyone.

Andrew Alexander King wants you to follow him up the world’s highest mountains. Heck, he’ll even pave the way on Earth’s highest volcanoes. Born in the projects of Detroit, King is no stranger to triumphing over adversity. And while he’s on pace to become the first African American to tackle the Seven Summits and Seven Volcanic Summits, his work is about bringing others with him — so his footprints aren’t the only ones.

Now, with big-time brands like Black Diamond, HOKA ONE ONE, and Sea to Summit on board, the surfer-turned-climber-turned-free-diver has serious octane behind his goal.

But King — who founded The Between Worlds Project to highlight the unique circumstances of the areas his summit work takes him — isn’t focusing solely on smashing the social and economic barriers that keep so many underrepresented groups from embarking on life-changing adventures (big and small). He also works hard to leave every place he visits better than he found it.

That mission includes spending time with the people and institutions in any given country to give back through volunteering and advocacy. Not only will an hour listening to him inspire you, but you’ll also pick up some serious training and nutrition advice to boot! And if you don’t follow his jaw-dropping adventures already, you’ll definitely want to by the end of this episode.

Recorded March 15, 2021