Greg LeMond

Podcast: Greg LeMond: America’s Only Tour de France Champion

Greg LeMond
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Greg LeMond: America’s Only Tour de France Champion

Few athletes’ accolades stand the test of time — let alone become more impressive as decades go by. But if Greg LeMond’s career proved anything, it’s that he’s truly one of a kind.

When Greg LeMond became the first American to win the Tour de France in 1986, no one could have known he would be re-crowned the sole American Tour champion nearly 30 years later.

But LeMond’s career is nothing if not extraordinary. He not only won the Tour three times, but he also stood atop the podium of cycling’s premier event after being shot — an incident that has left him riddled with lead buckshot to this day.

And that toughness is the same grit that fueled LeMond to take on doping, along with some of the biggest names and companies in cycling. And as with his post-accident races, LeMond has emerged from these battles a little scarred but nonetheless triumphant.

From that, LeMond Cycles today has reemerged with a whole new identity — and some super-secret bike tech. The man himself sat down to share stories from his most iconic races as well as how doping impacted his career, his feelings on what it really means to have ADHD, and a whole lot more.


Recorded November 12, 2020



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