Nancy Ford Repair Lair

Podcast: Nancy Ford: A Gear Repair Guru and the Fastest Woman on Ice

Nancy Ford Repair Lair
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Nancy Ford: A Gear Repair Guru and the Fastest Woman on Ice

Break it? She’ll fix it. Think it? She’ll say it. Don’t let Nancy Ford’s simple repair and consignment shop, Repair Lair, fool you. She has a story for every occasion, adventures you’ve only dreamed about, and a nice cold beer if you’re willing to listen.

To this day, no one knows who really won the first marathon run on the Antarctic ice at America’s McMurdo Station. At least according to Nancy Ford, who admits that there’s disagreement between her and her colleague — the two who devised and ran the never-before-tried McMurdo Marathon.

Nowadays, the McMurdo Marathon is an annual mainstay. And still, you’ve probably never heard of Ford — now the proprietor of a small outdoor gear repair shop in Minneapolis.

But that’s how it is with her — Big Fish Tales told with a straight face and the sort of matter-of-fact conviction that make you realize they’re actually true. And if it’s gear talk you’re looking for, Ford won’t pull any punches there either. “Stop buying new shit” is a favorite mantra.

She knows what breaks, what sells, and what to look for if you really need something that will last, all with minimum B.S. (and a beer if you want to stay and chat awhile).

Recorded July 28, 2020

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