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Podcast: Scott Yorko: Gonzo Journalist of the Outdoors

Scott Yorko: Gonzo Journalist of the Outdoors
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Scott Yorko: Gonzo Journalist of the Outdoors

From racing across India in a rickshaw, to tagging along on one of the last remaining dogsled mountaineers in America, Scott Yorko tells stories the old-fashioned way — by getting his feet wet (and frozen, and muddy, and sore).

I once stood up Scott Yorko for a heavy metal concert — and he’ll tell you all about it. Heck, he asked me about it on my own podcast. And really, that’s Yorko in a nutshell: You can count on him to say yes to just about anything (especially if it’s weird or dangerous). And you can bet he’ll remember it and have it at the ready when it’s time for a good story.

An adventure journalist with as many bylines as stamps in his passport, Yorko has written for the usual suspects and then some: Outside, Backpacker, and Bicycling. But he’s also penned the kind of long-form storytelling that has all the twists, conflict, emotion, and grit befitting Playboy, The New York Times, and other heavy hitters.

It’s a style that has slowly fallen off as the printed page has given way to infinite scrolling and the always-on news feed. But don’t worry, we’re not bemoaning the loss of good storytelling. In this episode, we sit back and enjoy all the fantastic folly and rugged revelation only a great storyteller can offer.

Recorded March 25, 2021



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