Roll Recovery R8 Plus Deep Tissue Massage Roller

The Roll Recovery R8 Plus is an update to the original model you’ve likely seen before.┬áThe key addition to the R8 Plus is an adjustment dial. It lets you change the pressure from the spring-loaded arms that push the rollers into your leg muscles for a deep-tissue massage.

If there’s one method of recovery this editor likes more than sleep, it’s rolling out his legs after exercise. He also does some light massage before exercise to get the blood flowing and check in with any sore spots. He has used the R8 Plus every which way on his legs, and even his arms. Cranked up the dial for more pressure when massaging thighs and turned it down for the sides of his calves.

In his words, “One finicky part is massaging the calves, where I want deep pressure, but don’t want any pressure from the counter roller against the shins. The workaround is to simply use the handle and pull it away from the shin and then really dig the other roller into the calf.”

While the dial adjusts the pressure, but the firmness of the rollers is set. However, you can also buy R8 Inserts that are firmer or softer and use them accordingly.