Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.


DIY Wooden Bike

Turn heads with an intricately-carved wooden bicycle frame that you made yourself! The Hoopy bicycle by Wooden Widgets does not ship or sell built; you receive the step-by-step plans for the “one-size-fits-all” curiosity.



Pack Slings For Shoulder Relief

Pull the weight off your shoulders and back with specially designed hand straps. Pack Slings attach to backpack straps and provide a solution for students and hikers who wind up pulling their straps to take the load off their back. We might suggest a better, or better-fitting, backpack, but for $10 these are an easy solution.


Tri-Form Pack

From handheld carryon, to messenger sling, to backpack, the Fishpond Half Moon Weekender pack is designed to be adaptable. Fishpond’s waxed-cotton canvas provides old school waterproofing tech and classic styling.


Portable Solar Generator

Off-grid reliance, with no noise or fumes, the $1,600 Grengine was made to replace a gas generator. It offers 1,200 watt-hours in a compact battery pack (lithium-ion) and is stackable with additional interchangeable battery packs to add power.


Abus Bike Helmet

Protect your bike, protect your head. Renowned bike lock manufacturer Abus launches into the helmet market with two new options. The Hyban (for the everyday city rider) and Urban-I v.2 (for general commuters and touring; pictured) have rear-facing LED lights, reflectors, and magnetic straps for safety and comfort.


Virtual Uphill

Exercisers looking to train for the uphills can “hike” on the X22i machine from NordicTrack. It tilts to a 40-percent incline and (new for 2017) will come with a bright, 22-inch screen to “alter the reality of working out” with iFit Coach LiveCastTM videos. We tested the unit this month and can attest to its muscle-crushing prowess.


GoPro Voice Remote

We’re not sure why this product is needed given that new GoPros have built-in voice recognition. But the Remo speaks 10 languages and the brand claims it works in much harsher conditions than GoPro’s voice mic, including (somehow) underwater. Blub blub.



Voice-Activated Shifting

Change gears as you ride with the precision of electronic shifting, without your hands. The $200 XShifter has a host of functions that helped it nail its Kickstarter, but now it includes voice-activated shifting through a connected app. The hands-free technology is designed to assist riders with disabilities and make some maintenance tasks easier.


Monstercross Bike

Road rides, cyclocross races, gravel, and singletrack are the venues of the adaptable Schratz Adventure Bike. The company, FitWell Bicycle Company, calls it a “monstercross” bike model, and it starts at $850 on Kickstarter this month.


Billfold Made By Gear Designer

Designer Nathan Kukathas is known for the gear he created with brands like Arc’teryx and Sea to Summit. The Cardamon Wallet is Kukathas’s take on the billfold. The simple fold-open design is made of a unique material touted to last decades.