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Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.

Recycled Kite-Surf Jacket

Italian brand Exkite makes jackets from used kite-surfing canopies. The result is a neat look and protection from the elements and wind.

Alpha ‘Multi-Shovel’

Build, pack, and rake snow twice as fast: That’s the claim DMOS makes about its Alpha Shovel. The $129 Alpha collapses down for transport, has a telescoping handle, and is designed to take on dirt or snow.

Fast And Fat ‘Suzi Q’ Bike

Rocky Mountain touts its new model “challenges the narrative of slow, plodding fat bikes.” The Suzi Q is a lightweight, carbon-frame bike with a narrow q-factor for efficiency and comfort on the snow.

Limited USA-Made Packs

Golden, Colo., based Mountainsmith will make small runs of its new Tyrol Pack in an effort to bring some manufacturing back to its home state. The $180 rucksack is made from upcycled materials and available online now.

Portable Campfire Grate

Make fire-starting easier with the Firewaall-003, a collapsible grate for your firewood. The four-piece stainless steel grate holds kindling on bottom, a stack of firewood on top, and it keeps everything off the ground for improved airflow. Pre-order the Firewaall-003 here.

Shots On Skis

Do a line of shots with your buddies, all at the same time, from a recycled ski. The $149 Looptworks Shot Ski holds four stainless-steel glasses, and is foldable for transport. Bottoms up!

Boots For The Outback

Few places in the U.S. are as harsh a testing ground for winter boots as northern Minnesota. That’s where Vasque developed the $180 wool-lined Lost 40 hiking boot. The boot is available in men’s and women’s fit and style.

‘Smart’ Shoes

Smartwatch, smartphone, and now… smart-shoes. Under Armour will release a line of Record-equipped training shoes. The kicks will sync with MapMyRun to provide wearers vital stats and metrics, including information on their muscle fatigue. The SpeedForm line — Gemini 3, Velociti (pictured), and Europa — come out January 5th.

‘Wireless’ Rechargeable Insoles

Better than socks? Slide the +Winter heated insoles into your boots, sync them with your smartphone, and dial in the temperature you need. This is no cheap set of foot warmers, though; the charger and two insoles retail for about $136.

Ultimate Grip: Yaktrax Summit

Hike and explore with confidence over any winter terrain. The Yaktrax Summit ($90) is a slip-on traction system with carbon-steel teeth. To cinch onto boots the Summit uses a twist-to-tighten BOA closure for a solid, fast fit.

Submersible Backpack

Sail, swim, SCUBA dive, or just go out in the rain with confidence. The HELIXOT XO 6.2 ($136) touts 100-percent submersiblity. No waterproof zippers here; the pack uses a welded-seam, and screw-cap to open and close.

Bike Frame Protector

Stick a five-inch rubber pad to your top tube to prevent nicks, dings, and dents when you lock to a pole. The PoleProtectr is a $15 stick-on with a rounded pad that rests against street signs, parking meters, or any other pole.

Ambidextrous Blade

Flick open this streamlined blade with one hand — either hand. The ambidextrous Folsom ($99) from The James Brand is also the brand’s first with a liner lock.

‘Sustainable New York’ Line

Sport a flannel made with repurposed materials from New York’s garment district. Search And State released a line of shirts that cost $165 but are based on “dead-stock” fabric, guaranteeing an exclusive look.

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