Emerging Gear: Outdoor Products This Week

A peek at emerging products from the sometimes cutting-edge, sometimes quirky world of gear design.


Recycled Kite-Surf Jacket

Italian brand Exkite makes jackets from used kite-surfing canopies. The result is a neat look and protection from the elements and wind.

Alpha Shovel

Alpha ‘Multi-Shovel’

Build, pack, and rake snow twice as fast: That’s the claim DMOS makes about its Alpha Shovel. The $129 Alpha collapses down for transport, has a telescoping handle, and is designed to take on dirt or snow.

Suzi Q Rocky Mountain Fatbike

Fast And Fat ‘Suzi Q’ Bike

Rocky Mountain touts its new model “challenges the narrative of slow, plodding fat bikes.” The Suzi Q is a lightweight, carbon-frame bike with a narrow q-factor for efficiency and comfort on the snow.

Tyrol Pack
 Record-equipped training shoes

‘Smart’ Shoes

Smartwatch, smartphone, and now… smart-shoes. Under Armour will release a line of Record-equipped training shoes. The kicks will sync with MapMyRun to provide wearers vital stats and metrics, including information on their muscle fatigue. The SpeedForm line — Gemini 3, Velociti (pictured), and Europa — come out January 5th.

 +Winter heated insoles

‘Wireless’ Rechargeable Insoles

Better than socks? Slide the +Winter heated insoles into your boots, sync them with your smartphone, and dial in the temperature you need. This is no cheap set of foot warmers, though; the charger and two insoles retail for about $136.

 Yaktrax Summit

Ultimate Grip: Yaktrax Summit

Hike and explore with confidence over any winter terrain. The Yaktrax Summit ($90) is a slip-on traction system with carbon-steel teeth. To cinch onto boots the Summit uses a twist-to-tighten BOA closure for a solid, fast fit.


Submersible Backpack

Sail, swim, SCUBA dive, or just go out in the rain with confidence. The HELIXOT XO 6.2 ($136) touts 100-percent submersiblity. No waterproof zippers here; the pack uses a welded-seam, and screw-cap to open and close.

bike frame protector

Bike Frame Protector

Stick a five-inch rubber pad to your top tube to prevent nicks, dings, and dents when you lock to a pole. The PoleProtectr is a $15 stick-on with a rounded pad that rests against street signs, parking meters, or any other pole.