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Gifts To Make Any Camper Happy

Buying gifts for campers is easy; there are just so many options. However, if you don’t know camping, it’s easy to stumble into sub-par picks. These quality gifts will make any camper happy.

Cookware – Series of X-Pots

Perfect for backpacking, these Sea to Summit full size pots collapse down to an inch tall disk. With a hard anodized aluminum base and a clear locking lid with an integrated strainer, you don’t have to skimp on the bells and whistles.

From $55 – More Info / Buy Now

Night Light – P7.2 Flashlight

With a whopping 320-lumen output, the LED Lenser P7.2 is more than enough to help you maneuver around a campsite and take a night hike in the woods. It weighs 6.17 oz. and features the Advanced Focus System that provides both a focused beam for long-distance and a wide spill-beam for close-up reading.

$58 – More Info / Buy Now

Campfire Seat – Folding Camping Stool

Camp chairs are always in high demand around a campfire. Get your own from Grand Trunk, complete with its own storage area and stuff sack. 14.5in tall; 20oz.

$40 on sale – More Info / Buy Now

Hammock – Slacker Hammock and Suspenders

There’s no better way to relax after a long day of exploration than in a hammock. Take Therm-a-Rest’s setup anywhere, on a backpacking trip or on a day-hike to a scenic waterfall.

HAMMOCK: $53 – More Info / Buy Now
SUSPENDERS: $30 – More Info / Buy Now

Fire Starter – Titan Stormproof Match Kit

Dubbed as “the beefiest, longest-burning windproof and waterproof matches available,” these UCO Titan matches are reliable as hell. They’re 4 inches long and boast a burning time of 25 seconds. If you can’t start a fire with these bad boys, that’s just plain sad.

$10 – More Info / Buy Now

Gear Repair – Tenacious Tape Gear Patches

If you go camping even relatively often, you’re bound to have a piece of gear rip. Patch it up in style with these Gear Aid ultra-aggressive adhesives that come in a variety of shapes and designs.

$10 – More Info / Buy Now

Sweet Dreams – Sea to Summit Mats

Whether you’re interested in an ultra-light, compact air mattress or a plush, insulated air mattress, Sea to Summit’s range has you covered.

From $140 – More Info / Buy Now

Tent – Convert 2

The Sierra Designs Convert 2 tent is the 4-season tent that’s actually built for 4 seasons. Touting a double walled canopy that doesn’t sacrifice ventilation, it can comfortably be used year-around. Bonus: You can remove the vestibule to shave weight.

$427 – More Info / Buy Now

Versatile Puffy Jacket – The North Face Thermoball Hoodie

This light to mid-weight insulating layer is perfect for cool evenings around the campsite or as a layer under a shell for downright cold weather. We’ve tested the heck out of it, and it’s a favorite that even works once soaked. $220

Men – More Info/Buy Now
Women – More Info/Buy Now

New Tent Stakes — Ground Claw; Orange Screw

Campers might love the stocking stuffer of a new kind of tent stake, including the big, threaded Orange Screw or the curved and “dirt gripping” Ground Claw.

Ground Claw: 4-pack is $16
Orange Screw: 4-pack is $22

Water Anywhere – LifeStraw Steel

Just stick this large steel straw into a body of water and drink. The guts of the filter removes waterborne bacteria and protozoa, including giardia and cryptosporidium, for use anywhere viruses aren’t a concern. It also fits great in a stocking.

$55 – More Info / Buy Now

All-Around Sleeping Bag – REI Igneo

With a 19 degree temperature rating, the Igneo is a sleeping bag that will work most of the year in most of North America. Even when colder, it can be augmented by blankets and clothing to get by in colder conditions. The premium, hydrophobic down bag with water resistant fabric should last years, maybe even decades.

$300-$320 – More Info / Buy Now

Do-All Camp Tool – Leatherman Wave

Far and away the most popular Leatherman multi-tool, the Wave is a nearly perfect tool for the campsite. With 17 tools, it can open a can, slice a bratwurst, and collect the bubbling hot pot right from the campfire and a whole lot more.

$90 – More Info / Buy Now

Lighting – Black Diamond Spot

In numerous tests, this is considered the top headlamp for the money. We’ve used one many times, and are hard pressed to disagree. It burns bright, runs long and has no-frills reliability. Strap one on a head, and let there be light.

$40 – More Info / Buy Now

Single Burner Cooking – MSR Pocketrocket

If you camp, you need to cook, and one of the simplest ways is with this super light, fast and reliable burner by MSR. The ubiquitous PocketRocket is light, perfect for boiling water for instant meals and acceptable for more ambitious cooking.

$40 – More Info / Buy Now

Multi-Purpose Utensile – Light My Fire Titanium Spork

This spoon, fork, serrated edge tool is perfect for chowing down on the trail. It’s also available in plastic, but spring for the titanium model that is both light and durable.

$15 – More Info / Buy Now

A Real ‘Biner – Metolius FS Mini II

Carabiners are an exceptionally useful tool for camping and hiking. But don’t buy them some EDC not-for-climbing garbage. The Metolius FS Mini II is FOR CLIMBING, meaning it’s rated (22KN) for incredible strength and certain to last for years. It’s also very small and light and prefect for backpacking.

$6 – More Info / Buy Now

Portable Power – EnerPlex Jumpr Stack 6

For the person who loves to get away, but just can’t turn off that iPhone, this is a great power pack for the backwoods. One of our technophile reviewers called it “epic.” This Swiss Army Knife of a charger can refresh up to three phones at once.

$60 – More Info / Buy Now

Dog Comfort – Ruffwear Highlands Bed

Just because your best bud walks on four legs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hook her up for the holidays. The Highlands Bed gives your pup a place to crash in the outdoors (and might give you a little more peace in the tent). Lightweight synthetic insulation provides warmth and protection from hard, cold surfaces and packs small.

$60 – More Info / Buy Now

Trail Chow – Box Of Clif Bars

No time too cook? A Clif Bar will tide you over. They’re available in many flavors, packed with calories and made from natural ingredients. We’ve eaten, man, we can’t even guess how many. These dozen snacks won’t last that long.

$18 – More Info / Buy Now

A Good Pocketknife – Benchmade Griptilian

A pocketknife is one of the fundamental tools of the outdoors. You can get your loved one an exceptional knife without spending insane money with the USA-made Griptilian. Many models are available, as is customization and engraving.

From $115 – More Info / Buy Now

Tiny Light – Goal Zero Lighthouse MINI

Small but bright, this little lantern is a perfect tent mate. It shines enough to light a whole tent and can also charge a phone with its internal battery and built-in USB port.

From $60 – More Info / Buy Now

Warm Food Anywhere — Stanley Crock Pot

Cook your chili at home, and have it hot at the campsite. Made of stainless steel, this 3-quart crockpot is built to be rugged, spill-proof, and heat retaining to keep your stew piping hot out there.

From $48 – More Info / Buy Now

Youth-Size Packs — Osprey Kids’ Line

Designed to have the same fit and features as adult packs, Osprey offers models for your little hikers aged 5 years and up. Our fleet of mini gear junkies has put the Moki and Ace models to the test with great results and smiles on the trails.

From $37 – More Info / Buy Now

A Suspended Tent – Tentsile Stingray

It’s a treehouse! It’s a tent! It’s a hammock. It’s … awesome. The three-person Tentsile Stingray acts an above ground basecamp. Quite a cool splurge for the person who has everything.

$650 – More Info / Buy Now

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