Best In Show: Year’s Hottest Handmade Bikes

The North American Handmade Bicycle Show wrapped up in Salt Lake City this week. Here are the judges’ top picks (and a few of our favorites).

Winner: ‘Best In Show’

Minneapolis’ Erik Noren took home the coveted ‘Best In Show’ award for his high-end Peacock Groove entry. Noren’s bikes are often themed, with some standouts like a Voltron bike and this year’s Prince tribute ride.

Best Experimental Build

More beer, please. Rock West Composites figures there should probably be a bike designed to carry a six pack (or five six-packs). And Rock West built this rig out of carbon to counter all that heavy beer weight. Smart.


Best Road Bike

You might not think of Bozeman, Mont., as being home to great bicycles. But David Kirk, owner of Kirk Frameworks, puts together outstanding builds. His stainless steel Onesto was judged this year’s best bike for the open road.

Fat Tire And Whiskey

This monster from Moonmen was too fun to pass up. It is as burly as it is beautiful. (Bonus: A custom flask holder makes it maybe the classiest ride from the show.)

Best Artisan Bike

Wine, cheese, and bikes. The most artisanal build at this year’s show was Blacksheep Bicycles‘ mammoth rig. It has racks on front and rear, fork mounts, and enough muscle to haul everything you got.

Best City-Utility Bike

For the ideal blend of cargo utility and everyday comfort, look no further than Shamrock Cycles. Fenders, mounts for anything, and relaxed geometry are designed for the common rider.

Most Intimidating?

Our final personal pick from the show: Proudfoot Cycles. This full-suspension beast looks like maybe the most capable ride from the entire lineup.