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Power Your Off-Road Picnics: ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack Review

The ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack chills your victuals when electricity (or your vehicle) can’t.

If your idea of enjoying the outdoors isn’t mountain biking or hiking local trails and returning to a mucky mess, then a portable powered vehicle fridge/freezer is your ticket to chilled chardonnay and campfire chocolate for s’mores. Simply plug your fridge into your vehicle’s 12-volt outlet or hardwire it to its battery, and you’ve got a portable way to safely and securely carry your edibles.

Many of these fridges can also be used at home. You’ll always have cold, dry food and drinks on hand. But, what if you want to bring your fridge to the beach or park and don’t have a way to power it? Or, what your power goes out and you’re close to losing your refrigerator contents?

The newly released ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack keeps your perishables cool wherever you are, whenever you want. This rings true even if a power outlet or vehicle battery isn’t nearby to keep it running.

If you want to buy a portable ARB ZERO fridge/freezer, or you already own one and want to power it anywhere, ARB has the answer for you. The ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack is a nifty magnetized battery pack that offers up to 18 hours of runtime.

ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack Contents

The ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack comes with the battery pack, a short cable to connect it to an ARB ZERO fridge, and a long charge cord to charge it with AC power.

Note: The home charger looks all too similar to our laptop chargers. We put masking tape on the brick part of the cord saying “ARB battery” so we don’t mistake it for laptop usage.

arb power pack on zero fridge in pajero
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Stats and Specs

The ARB ZERO Power Pack is about the length of a shoebox. It’s also a bit taller than a deck of cards. The precise measurements are 13” x 5.5” x 1.5”. Its gold and dark brown design exactly matches ARB’s ZERO fridge/freezer lineup, making it appear intended when in use.

The Power Pack is lighter in weight than anticipated. This unit comes in at 3.64 pounds. The ARB Fridge Freezer Power Pack features a 15Ah lithium battery and claims up to 18 hours runtime. More on that in a bit.

The front of the unit is sleek and reminds us of an oversized, thick chocolate bar carefully wrapped in its packaging. It’s IP66 water- and dust-resistant; rated to handle light rain and dust with no issue. Flip it over and the back of the Power Pack boasts several heavy-duty magnets with thick rubberized coatings.

arb zero fridge freezer power pack

One end of the ARB ZERO Power Pack boasts the ARB logo whereas the other houses the critical stuff. The ”in” charge port gives go-go juice with house power via its laptop-looking power cord. The “out” port charges the fridge/freezer with its supplied charge cable. The same side also showcases a four-light battery level indicator area.

The indicator lights are important. When four blue lights are illuminated, the battery pack has full chilling capacity. As the ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack depletes its power, each round light will turn off. Upon full depletion, the lights will blink, letting you know your unit will soon be out of power.

ARB says its ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack can be used from a chilly 32 degrees Fahrenheit to a sweltering 109 degrees Fahrenheit. During our testing period, we used the ARB Power Pack in temps that resembled a normal house temperature to those that crept beyond 90 degrees in the shade. No opportunities to test it in the cold, however.

arb power pack - details
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Usage and Longevity

The operation is simple. Pop it on the front of the fridge, plug the charge cord into the appropriate outlets, and turn it on. You’re now set for several hours of refrigeration or freezing enjoyment.

During our testing period, we’ve successfully garnered up to 16 hours of refrigeration time with our 73-quart ARB ZERO fridge/freezer. The length of time it serviced our needs seemed to be the same no matter if it was 65 degrees in the house or 90 outside near full sun.

ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack: Conclusion

The product has quickly shown its worth. We no longer fret about coolers if we want to host a party near no outlets. We steal the show when we show up with non-soggy food and crisp white wine at hot outdoor gatherings.

Think of it this way. Why wouldn’t your fridge be with you when you’re hosting a family BBQ at a nearby park? How about cold refreshments at the beach during a full day of swimming? An unexpected bonus — you can keep your edibles safe with up to 18 hours of secured chill time if the power goes out (ask us how we know).

The only downside is that the ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack currently works with only the ZERO fridge/freezers (it doesn’t power any other ARB fridge models). We hope future iterations will power the entire ARB lineup and have a supplied DC charge cord to charge it while on the road, too.

arb power pack on zero fridge
(Photo/Mercedes Lilienthal)

However, despite these points, we give the slim and smartly designed ARB ZERO Fridge Freezer Power Pack two thumbs up. It’s durable, easy to use, and doesn’t take up much additional space or weight.

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