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The Case For Packing Heavy

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Next time you find yourself in the beginning stages of a trip, we encourage you to throw away every notion of packing light. Instead, we want you to pack all your gear with you; this is why.

packing for adventure

Economy Adventure

We have looked at the numbers over and over. Packing your gear will be a lot cheaper than renting and you will be able to use it whenever you want. In our last trip through Thailand, Hong Kong, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Australia, and Hawaii, we carried loads of equipment to create grand adventures on a budget.


Below are a couple of our favorite plus-size items to drag with. They save money on water rentals, and if you use them enough, it more than pays off for the extra luggage fees you might run into.

  1. Hala Atcha SUP: This inflatable paddle board allowed us to escape Hong Kong’s city and to explore the Islands off the coast. We took down whitewater in New Zealand and long paddles in Hawaii. It is also a great ‘toy’ to throw in your resort pool for hours of fun. It comes with a carrying case that is within the standard checked luggage size. No need to pay for an oversize item.

  2. Alpaka Packrafts: Small and light, we could pack these rafts with us on longer expeditions where bringing the paddle board would not be ideal. Packrafts are so light that you will find yourself scouting the coast for newer and unscheduled adventures.

The Perfect Fit

Your gear will fit you better than any rental gear. After planning for a great adventure and traveling across the world, don’t shorten up your experience by dealing with overused, one-size-fits-none, gear. Pack your own.

This is particularly true with snorkeling and diving gear. Why risk having issues with your mask when you can carry for own? The best part is that while people are sorting through gear you will be jumping into the water knowing your mask will not drip. We love Tusa’s M-31 Visio Tri-Ex mask and the SP-170 Platina II Hyperdry snorkel.

The one exception will be diving fins. We carry short fins for snorkeling that can also be used at pools to play around or train, like UF-14Z Reef Tourer travel fins. If we decide to go on a dive, we rent the real stuff, which usually doesn’t add much to the price of a scuba BCD, regulator, and tank rental. No need to travel with large items that you will only use once or twice.

Make Your Schedule

Don’t wait for a shop to open or return home early to drop the gear off. Bringing your own gear on a trip will allow you to come and go as you please.

Climbing gear makes the top of our list in terms of creating our own schedule. Why rush off the rock when your buddy is finally getting it? Or why not stay a few days longer to work on that project?


Another tip: Bring some camping gear along, as it’ll allow you to extend your trip on a budget and hang out under the stars. We have learned to travel with the Hennessy’s Ultralite Backpacker Asym Classic hammock. It is so small that is hard to leave behind.

More Toys, More Joy

After you make the effort to pack and haul your gear across the globe, you will use it! The more gear you bring the better, as it will ensure that your trip is filled with adventure.

Being YogaSlackers, we carry tons of slackline gear with us. It’s fun, entertaining, and a great way to make new friends in different countries. Weighing a stout 3 pounds, the eLine kit always makes it into our packs.

Get Stronger

Finally, moving around tons of gear will make you stronger. No need to visit the gym.

Although if you want to find an easy roller to haul all your stuff, we recommend Eagle Creek’s No Matter What Rolling Duffel XL and their Gear Warrior 29.

Don’t pack light, pack for adventure.

–Luz Raquel Hernández-Cruz is a member of the YogaSlackers and travels the world teaching and performing Acroyoga.

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