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Would You Wear A ‘Bear Spray Backpack?’

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Bear spray is a widely accepted deterrent. But what happens once you’re knocked to the ground and pinned beneath a bear?


Bear spray manufacturer UDAP introduced this unique method of bear spray deployment a while back, but we’re intrigued by the concept.

The brand claims the Bear Attack Pack was developed with input from a bear attack survivor. It allows you to fire the pack at a bear behind you, or more importantly, shoot a stream at a bear that may be holding you down from behind.

It is operated kind of like an avalanche airbag. To deploy, you expose a handle on the shoulder of your pack, and then pull to spray. The device is an attachment that fits most hiking style backpacks.

It seems like an overabundance of caution, but for those super frightened by the possibility of bear attack, maybe worth investigating. It is intended as backup to a normally deployed spray can only.

The Bear Attack Pack retails for $125.

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