Wingsuit Crash Caught On Camera

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You know that cringing and flinching that happens when you watch a wingsuit rider sail perilously close to cliffs, trees, and obstacles, only to fly through to safety? This video ends… differently.

Eric Dossantos, 30, was nearing the end of a wingsuit flight on Sept. 29th when he descended and crashed into a forest. He captured it all on camera, and lived to tell the tale.

He woke up in the hospital and later found out he had been laying in the forest for over 3 hours. He experienced moderate brain trauma and “hurt everywhere.”

This video may add to the push of banning the sport in popular wingsuit destinations. Chamonix outright banned the activity earlier this month following the deadliest year yet.

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For those interested in wingsuiting or want a more in-depth understanding of what went through Eric’s mind, read this interview.