Bust Out the Snorkel for This Legendary Powder Session From Matchstick

Get stoked for winter with this face-melting, legendary deep powder segment from Matchstick Productions.

The feeling of skiing on a huge powder day is almost impossible to describe. Realistically, words can’t really do it justice. But sometimes, a video can get pretty close.

Matchstick Productions captures the sensation of powder skiing in this legendary powder segment (from its 2017 film ‘Drop Everything’) about as accurately as it can. Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson, and Chris Rubens rip it up in some of the deepest snow they’ve ever experienced in their lives — let alone in their professional careers.

They soar off of pillows, splashing into neck-deep powder. They leap from one turn, exploding into the next, in snow so deep they look like they’re swimming.

And their reactions are universally relatable. They can’t stop laughing. They can’t stop smiling and marveling at the amount of snow plastering them. At some point, one of them can’t help but exclaim, “Holy sh*t!” as he blows through unbelievably deep, dry, fluffy champagne powder.

If this legendary powder session from Matchstick Productions doesn’t get you absolutely stoked for winter skiing, nothing will.

Runtime: 3 minutes

Adaptive sit-skier shreds; (Photo/Matchstick Productions)
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