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Lost for Words (in English): No Subtitles, Just Skiing Beautiful Lines

Here’s proof, courtesy of Norway, that you don’t need language to understand the simple beauty of mountain sports.

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I do not speak Norwegian. And I knew, going into the assignment of writing my thoughts on this Norwegian ski video, that I would not get English subtitles along with it — the narrative, insofar as it existed, would be walled-off to me.

So I sat there and thought, “What am I supposed to think?” Generally, constructing written content is a cognitive exercise for me. (I’m not a jazz musician, and I’m not Cardi B — the act of abstracting language does not come naturally to me.)

But when I rolled this tape, my uptight frets melted away. Perfect tranquil turns in unspoiled landscapes took over. The gentle contrast between a rocky ridgeline and a small train of ascending Telemark skiers in front of it, seen from far away. The way sastrugi sort of looks like paper airplanes.

It now seems as though soothing horn music has been the only sound I have ever understood.

Push play, and you’ll see, too. (Unless you speak Norwegian. If you do, DM me — what am I missing?)

Runtime: 5 minutes

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