17 Glorious Ice Beards

Love it or hate it, facial hair in the winter often leads to the ice beard found at ski areas, ice climbing venues and, well, pretty much the entire state of Minnesota. Here are 17 of our favorite examples of frosty facial hair.

Think your beard deserves to be on the list? Prove it! E-mail your photo to Amy@GearJunkie.com or add it in the comments section below. —Amy Oberbroeckling

Frost theoem.jpg

Photo by Jason Collins

Frost Randall .jpg

Photo by Randall Dietel

Frost David Ashe .jpg

Photo by David Ashe

Frost Cameron.jpg

Photo by Cameron Martindell

Mike Horn.jpg

Photo by Mike Horn

Frost Joe.jpg

Photo by Joe Wale

Frost Leon.jpg

Photo by Leon Lutz

Frost Sean 2.jpg

Photo by Yoon Kim

Frost Mark.jpg

Photo by Mark Woker

Frost air_cooled.jpg

Photo by Instagram user @Air_cooled

Frost alex.jpg

Photo by Alex Anderson

Frost Justin .jpg

Photo by Justin Schuetz

Frost Drew .jpg

Photo by Drew Ditlefsen

 Shawn Flaherty 2.jpg

Photo by Shawn Flaherty

J Shawn Chadwell.jpg

Photo by J Shawn Chadwell

Beard Daniel Hathaway.jpg

Photo by Daniel Hathaway


Photo by Dave Amirault

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