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Accused Poacher of Iconic ‘Hollywood Buck’ Faces 19 Charges; Court Date Set

The distinct, nontypical, 29-point antlers of the well-known 'Hollywood Buck' triggered 10 search warrants and 19 charges against a Virginia man.

The Hollywood BuckThe 'Hollywood Buck' submitted by suspect, Jason Walters; (photo/Star City Whitetails)
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The beloved “Hollywood Buck” is about to receive its day in court, albeit posthumously. Last week, authorities set a trial date for the man accused of poaching the 29-point nontypical buck, along with two other bucks from the area.

Jason Walters of Richmond, Va., was arrested on Jan. 29 and charged with 19 wildlife violations, including poaching and trespassing, among other charges. He is scheduled to appear on February 27.

The charges stem from three different deer that Walters is believed to have illegally killed during the 2023 season. Authorities zeroed in on the 36-year-old after he submitted photos of the deer to the Star City Whitetails Facebook page. Police also announced pending charges against Walters’ alleged accomplice, Alan Proffitt.

People familiar with the distinctive deer immediately threw up red flags and notified the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) with tips that the deer may not have been taken legally.

Iconic ‘Hollywood Buck’ Poaching Case

Hollywood Buck
The three deer at the center of the charges, the Hollywood Buck (left) and the two other distinct deer known for occupying the cemetery grounds; (photos submitted to Star City Whitetails by Jason Walters)

Walters shared images of himself with the deer in question online between Nov. 20 and Dec. 18, 2023. The final image he shared was unmistakably the ‘Hollywood Buck,’ authorities said.

“The Hollywood Cemetery buck was well-known for its large and distinctive antlers, making it easily identifiable,” police said in a press release.

Walters captioned his post with the Hollywood Buck on December 18:

“Prince Edward County killed with 50 cal muzzleloader, shot this morning 713am at 20 yards, my 3rd mounter this year! Biggest buck of my LIFE 🦌💥”

The three whitetail bucks were known to frequent the Hollywood Cemetery in Virginia and well loved locally. Suspicions arose because the buck was so unique, and Walters claimed to have killed the deer some 70 miles from the location where the buck was known to frequent. Internet sleuths pointed out the discrepancy quickly, and tips flooded in.

On December 18, 2023, the Virginia DWR sent out a press release that a suspect had been identified in the case. At the time, Walters wasn’t named. Nearly a month later, another press release identified Walters as the suspect and Alan Proffitt as an accomplice. The full list of charges includes illegal possession of wildlife, trespassing, failing to check and tag a deer, earn a buck violation, and littering.

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