Backpack Bike: Foldable Scooter for Hike-In Rides

“Hike up the mountain, and bike back down.” That’s the promise with the to-be-released Mountain Skyver from Ortovox, a foldable, carry-able, all-terrain scooter/bike made to be backpacked up-mountain and converted on top for fast, wheeled descents back down.

backpack mountain bike.jpg

Skyver bike folds and tucks into its own custom backpack

There are no pedals and no seat, just foot pegs to stand on — it is made for going downhill only. The gravity-dependent scooter will ship to stores this fall, and prices will start at $1,200, depending on model type.

ortovox - backpack bike.jpg

No pedals or seat; downhill only!

The Skyver will be available with front- or full-suspension and disc brakes. Its wheels are 16 inches in back and 20 inches in front. The hybrid product is touted by Ortovox as being “as close to backcountry skiing as one can get in the summer.”

ortovox - backpack bike - folded.jpg

Transformer: The Mountain Skyver from Ortovox

The Skyver comes with its own custom backpack to hold the bike as well as a helmet and some gear. The company says the heaviest model will weigh about 19 pounds. Assembly takes seconds on top to convert the bike and make it ready for downhill action.

backpack bike trail.jpg

Ortovox scooter is made to be “as close to backcountry skiing as one can get in the summer.”

A unique new product no doubt! The Skyver bike will be debuted next month at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City. Watch for updates as well as (hopefully) a ride test report from GearJunkie on the Skyver experience soon.

—Stephen Regenold

Posted by Erik - 07/18/2011 02:27 PM

Looks like a cheap copy of the “Koga Bergmönch”

Posted by J. R. - 07/20/2011 01:24 PM

Why not just mountain bike in the summer like the rest of us in the off season?

Posted by JNG - 07/20/2011 02:33 PM

Can I have a seat on mine? I’m pretty lazy ;)

Posted by GoyoGreg - 07/20/2011 03:59 PM

Great product, but hope bikers won’t suddenly invade foot traffic-only hiking trails with this nifty product. Premier foot-traffic-only trail that comes to mind is the Appalachian Trail. It is already suffering from inappropriate bike traffic.

Posted by Mommik - 07/20/2011 04:06 PM takes away the beauty of mountain biking. I am a cross country rider so perhaps the downhillers may like it. I can imagine the challenge in breaking when the center of gravity is higher + those high branches that will be happy to take off your head. It won’t be on my Christmas list.

Posted by Bontrager - 11/23/2011 08:15 PM

Don’t worry goyo nobody will by that thing. Your foot traffic only trails will be safe.

Posted by M80 - 07/10/2012 02:00 PM

Small wheels. No seat for a leverage/balance point. XC long dork stem. This is something that should be a Walmart for cira 100 bucks. People could just go fart around on it out camping somewhere.

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