New Product: Click Up Belay Device


Based in Italy, Climbing Technology has developed a new type of belay device, the Click Up, which is a lightweight and simple auto-locking device that employs an HMS carabiner to do the hard work. To use, insert a bight of rope into the top of the Click Up and clip your ‘biner through the center open area on the device. Then attach it through your belay loop on your harness like with any other belay device.

click up belay device.jpg

Click Up Belay Device

To arrest a fall, you pull down on the free end of the rope and the HMS carabiner will automatically “click” into a lock-off position on the belay device. Little effort is required to give or take in slack or lock off if your climbing partner should fall, according to the company.

After a fall, when you are ready to lower your climbing partner, you apply pressure with the palm of your hand to the outside of the Click Up and the rope will feed through. If the climber falls while being lowered, the carabiner will automatically click back into lock mode.

click up belay device rope.jpg

Click Up on a rope

The Click Up Belay Device retails for $59.95 and is sold in the United States through Liberty Mountain.

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Posted by McBiggins - 03/24/2010 01:31 PM

Between this and the Mammut Smart, there are some exciting recent innovations in the belay device category. Don’t get me wrong, my Trango Cinch has been fantastic, but sometimes a climber just needs to burn some money on new gear, amirite?

Posted by Rich - 06/01/2010 09:26 AM

The belay device is great for two reasons; 1. If the belay gets hit with a rock/object/distracted the device locks up when lead falls.

2. I’m a heavy guy (265 lbs) and climbing my partner is a 175lbs- felt 100% comfortable with him on my belay.

Thank you for a great peice of gear!

Posted by Ryan worsham - 09/20/2010 06:04 AM

This is not an auto locking device and is not sold as one. If the climber falls and the belayer is unconscious the device will not lock and the climber will continue to fall. You must lock off to engage the device, even so this device can slip if under a large amount of force. Really the same as smart device. Do not rappel with either device, its only meant to lower the belayer small distances and lower climbers down.

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