Video: 'Ultimate Gear Test'

In a post earlier this month, Jason Magness, a GearJunkie contributor and founder of the YogaSlackers group, rated the best and worst equipment he used, abused and destroyed during the 2011 Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race. This new video, edited by Magness and shot in the wilds of Patagonia by Daniel Staudigel (both members of Team, offers a rare peek into the Wenger race, where Team GJ (Magness, Staudigel, Chelsey Gribbon and Gear Junkie Founder, Stephen Regenold) pushed their bodies and their gear to utter ends on a multi-day course to take 2nd place. Significant swamp trekking, bushwhacking, coasteering, and fjord swimming included in the action!

For more on the Wenger Patagonian Expedition Race and Team GearJunkie, go to the exclusive WPER micro-site channel or the official race home at

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Posted by thrush - 03/17/2011 12:52 PM

Interesting way of traveling! Were you shivering because the wet suits didn’t keep you dry? Why didn’t you use packrafts – too heavy? What did the other team do to win it, did they also use the river or were they bushwacking?

Posted by Jason Magness - 03/17/2011 01:28 PM

We will certainly be looking at other options next year. We didn’t have packrafts with us, and the dry suits workd great, but they only keep you dry, not warm. Basically it was like getting into a fridge for several hours after 5 days of racing. Adidas pushed super hard too, and when the race was shortened (the final trek was stopped with 100km left to go) they were 5 hours ahead. Interestingly, we were about 8 hours ahead on sleep…so who knows how the final would have played out. But this sort of racing is all about perseverance and a good bit of luck sometimes. The memories of the whitewater/swimming sections will stay with me far longer than even a win would. We had a great team, and every time I look at a Neo Air I’ll smile and shake my head….

Posted by Sean - 03/17/2011 02:30 PM

Sweet vid…

Posted by Haris - 03/17/2011 05:18 PM

funny, great video…

Posted by ERIK (in SB making beans & rice) - 03/18/2011 12:11 PM

You guys are so “profesh”, I love it. You all are definitely my source for gear recommendations and inspiration. Which gear didn’t make the cut? Or in other words what will you be leaving behind next year? Great shots and great editing. What an amazing trek!? Congrats dudes.

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