GoLite Flash Lite

With features that model your foot’s tendons and ligaments, the GoLite Flash Lite trail runners are said to give support where you need it. And when combined with their neutral last, the shoes mimic barefoot running – but with some obvious added comfort.

Using GoLite’s BareTech technology, the Flash Lite shoes have zero heel lift, so your heel and forefoot are on the same plane (hence the neutral last). The tendon and ligament modeling comes in the form of thermoplastic ethylene (lightweight, flexible plastic-like material) that’s said to provide needed support.

GoLite Flash Lite

As the lightest men’s shoe in GoLite’s line, the pre-production Flash Lites weigh about 11 ounces. Designed for hardcore trail runners, the shoes have offset lacing that’s said to better match the shape of the foot.

The Flash Lites will be available in July for $110. www.golite-footwear.com

—Ryan Dionne