'Best in Show' Award Winners represent Greatest New Gear for 2014

Climbing Rope Innovation — Three ropes impressed us at the OR Show, including the Edelrid Corbi 8.6, a super-thin line that can be used singly while scaling a cliff. It’s just 8.6mm thick, making it one of the lightest and smallest coiled dynamic single ropes ever made.

Liberty Mountain’s Beal Gully Unicore ropes are even thinner (at 7.3mm) but must be used in a double or twin rope setup. They weigh 37 grams per meter, meaning the ropes are among the airiest of their type for sale. Beal’s Unicore technology fuses the rope sheath to its core, increasing safety and strength.

climbing ropes.jpg

Left to right: Beal, Edelrid, and Millet ropes

Finally, a two-in-one rope design from Millet has two diameters. The Opposite TRX9/10 is a rope with one half that is 9mm thick. On the other end it is 10mm. The rope allows you to use the burlier end during training and sport climbing where you might fall frequently. Switch to the thinner and lighter side when you want to send a project with the least amount of rope weight holding you down.

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